#115 What's the Kennection?

1) What A-list actress, born in Israel, starred on Broadway in a 1997 revival of <em>The Diary of Anne Frank</em>?
2) What Greek philosopher is credited with the theorem relating the lengths of the sides of a right triangle?
3) For his 50th birthday in 1939, who received a mountain getaway called the "Eagle's Nest"?
4) What pop legend tried his hand at classical music with 1991's <em>Liverpool Oratorio</em>?
5) Whose birthday, October 2, is celebrated by the United Nations as the "International Day of Non-Violence"?
What's the "Kennection"?
Ken Jennings was on Jeopardy! 75 times in a row, so long that your grandma got sick of him. He is the author of nine books, most recently the Junior Genius Guides for children. He lives in Seattle.