#254 What's the Kennection?

1) What comedy trio formed by veterans of The State in 1997 shares its name with a character from A Streetcar Named Desire?
2) What is the name of the summer camp in Meatballs, a reference to Polaris in the constellation Ursa Minor?
3) What's the name of Disney's "Sheepish Lion," who defends his flock from a hungry wolf in a 1952 cartoon?
4) What name is officially used for the highest mountain in the Cascades, despite local efforts to restore the Indian name, Tahoma?
5) What Microsoft search engine uses the ad slogan "Be There"?
What's the "Kennection"?
Ken Jennings was on Jeopardy! 75 times in a row, so long that your grandma got sick of him. He is the author of twelve books, most recently Planet Funny: How Comedy Took Over Our Culture. He lives in Seattle.