#240 What's the Kennection?

1) What's the only ingredient in Rocky Balboa's famous morning training drink?
2) Military companies in the American Revolution had a musical "corps" made up of two fifes and two of what other instrument?
3) What constellation supposedly represents the giant crab that bit Hercules while he was fighting the Hydra?
4) What 1980s electro-pop duo had their biggest hit with "Don't Disturb This Groove"?
5) What Stephen King novel, set in and beneath the city of Derry, Maine, uses the word "float" in the text 117 times?
What's the "Kennection"?
Ken Jennings was on Jeopardy! 75 times in a row, so long that your grandma got sick of him. He is the author of twelve books, most recently Planet Funny: How Comedy Took Over Our Culture. He lives in Seattle.