#168 What's the Kennection?

1) Who founded the Women's Social and Political Union with her daughter Christabel in Manchester in 1903?
2) What pen name did Danish author Karen Blixen use to write stories like "Babette's Feast"?
3) What future TV chef invented a recipe for shark repellent while serving as a OSS researcher during World War II?
4) Whose 2013 death propelled "Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead" to the #2 spot on the UK Singles Chart?
5) Who died in a mysterious 1974 car crash near Crescent, Oklahoma, a week after testing positive for plutonium contamination?
What's the "Kennection"?
Ken Jennings was on Jeopardy! 75 times in a row, so long that your grandma got sick of him. He is the author of nine books, most recently the Junior Genius Guides for children. He lives in Seattle.