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Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Workout Might Ruin You

Jake Rossen

Notorious RBG can bench press 70 pounds.

A Sample of the Original Penicillin Mold Sold at Auction for $14,751

Michele Debczak

It's signed by Alexander Fleming himself.

A Simple Trick for Finding Out Who Unfollowed You on Facebook

Jay Serafino

Have a sinking feeling you're losing friends on Facebook? There's a way to find out for sure.

15 Fabulous and Famous Internet Pigs

Miss Cellania

Happy National Pig Day!

Amazing Cover Gives Metallica's 'Nothing Else Matters' a Jazz Makeover

Michele Debczak

The metal classic has received a vintage makeover.

15 Offbeat Holidays You Can Celebrate in March

Caitlin Schneider

If you're into cute animals, delicious food, beloved figures, or legendary betrayal (yeah), March is the month for you.

Heat-Sensitive Game Boy Mug 'Turns On' With Hot Coffee

Rebecca OConnell

When you want to get nostalgic first thing in the morning.

Morning Cup of Links: Animal Soldiers of World War I

Miss Cellania

A round of great links for everyone!

For Women in China's Red Yao Tribe, a Haircut is a Once-in-a-Lifetime Event

Kirstin Fawcett

Once considered too sacred to be seen by anyone except for a woman's family, long hair is believed to bring family wealth, success, and luck.

5 Questions: Pancakes

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The Crowdsourced Search for an Iconic Symbol's Creator

Shaunacy Ferro

The Tidyman logo is widely used in the UK, but previous attempts to trace its origin have been fruitless.

New LEGO Set Honors NASA’s Female Pioneers

Caitlin Schneider

These space trailblazers sure look good in yellow.

The Church With a Cemetery in the Basement

Stacy Conradt

Sheltered from the elements, the tombstones are remarkably well-preserved.

The 1956 Magic Trick That Sent BBC Viewers Into a Panic

Jake Rossen

After magician P.C. Sorcar buzz-sawed a woman in half, the program abruptly ended before she could be put back together again.

17 Painless Facts About 'M*A*S*H'

Roger Cormier

It's still the only primetime series to be watched by more than 100 million Americans.