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Morning Cup of Links: California or Bust

Miss Cellania

Enjoy these links for Fat Tuesday!

A Hidden Trick To Help You Navigate Central Park

Nick Greene

Even tourists unfamiliar with the park's secrets will never be lost as long as they find a lamppost.

Peek Inside YouTube Star Simone Giertz’s Robotics Lab

Kirstin Fawcett

The "Queen of Sh*tty Robots" has a pretty decent workspace.

This Interactive Map Lets You See Which Local Bridges Are Safe

Kirstin Fawcett

More than 130,000 bridges in the U.S. are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

Meet the Man Who Claimed to Have the World's Longest Last Name

Stacy Conradt

He usually went by Mr. Wolfe + 585, Senior.

How Robert De Niro's Landlord Landed a Role in 'Goodfellas'

Mental Floss UK

Chuck Low repeated a familiar line to his famous tenant: "I wanna be in the movies, I wanna be in the movies."

Le Creuset to Release 'Beauty and the Beast'-Themed Cookware

Shaunacy Ferro

In honor of the upcoming live-action version, you can buy a soup pot that honors Belle and friends.

9 Royally Interesting Facts You Might Not Know About King Cake

Jeff Wells

The colorful cake is primarily associated with Big Easy revelry, but its history reaches back centuries.

Retrobituaries: Giuseppe Dosi, Italy's Famed Detective and Master of Disguise

Livius Drusus

He had at least 17 confirmed disguises, and five fully fleshed-out identities complete with fake identity documents, background stories, and even their own penmanship.

What's the Deal With Sensory Deprivation Tanks?

In recent years, Flotation Sensory Deprivation has become popular. Proponents of the practice claim that it is therapeutic and relaxing.

SpaceX Is Sending Two Private Citizens Around the Moon

Michele Debczak

The flight is scheduled for late 2018.

6 Idioms That Came From Film And Theater

Simon Davis

Chances are, you’ve probably used an idiom from film or theater in an everyday context—maybe without even knowing it.

Lookups of 'Exhume' and 'Confluence' Spiked During the Oscars Ceremony

Jennifer M Wood

When Hollywood talks, people listen. Then they Google.

Why Making Decisions Stresses Some People Out

Kate Horowitz

Plus, what you can do about it.

Take a Literary Vacation With Rail Europe

Shaunacy Ferro

The railway has prepared a few itineraries for book-loving travelers.