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The Late Movies: Full House Musical Numbers

Erica Palan

Even though Full House has been off the air since 1995, it's one of the few shows that can suck me in for a good, long TV marathon.

7 Schools Where Streaking Is An Organized Sport

Julia Davis

At some schools, stripping down is a serious sport. Here are seven colleges that place streaking on par with other organized athletic endeavors. 1.

The Missing Links: Flags Left on the Lunar Surface

Colin Patrick

For Those That Like Reading on the Beach... And cannot possibly fathom the thought of your swimwear and book not matching perfectly.

How "The Power" Literally Rocked the House

Chris Higgins

Turbo B and Penny Ford, featured performers on "The Power" On July 5, 2011, the 39-story "Techno-Mart" mall in Seoul, South Korea shook for ten minutes, causing a two-day evacua

Let's Ask Matt Soniak Some Questions

Jason English

Matt Soniak is our in-house answer man. Since 2008, he's answered hundreds of Big Questions, and saved me valuable time whenever I'm wondering anything.

NBC Paid $1.2 Billion to Broadcast the London Olympics. Where Does That Money Go?

Scott Allen

Dave Hogan/NBCNBC paid the International Olympic Committee a record $1.18 billion for the U.S. broadcast rights to the 2012 London Games and $4.38 billion for the four Olympics from 2014-2020.

Lunchtime Quiz: Hugh Grant or Tony Blair?

Andréa Fernandes

In 2003's "ultimate romantic comedy" Love Actually, Hugh Grant plays the single, newly appointed Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, known only as "Prime Minister." Tony Bla

15 My Little Pony Mashups

Miss Cellania

If you want to create something that will appeal to internet surfers, keep this in mind: the essence of comedy is the juxtaposition of opposites, or at least somewhat unrelated things.

Brain Game: Tiny Europe

Here's a new mentalfloss.com Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge.

Morning Cup of Links: Laundry Music

Miss Cellania

Modern hi-tech washing machines can be used as musical instruments!

The Flying Pinto That Killed Its Inventor

Matt Soniak

Image credit: Doug Duncan The flying car has been invented over and over again. The problem is, each iteration has fallen somewhere on the line between amusing failure and outright disaster.

How One Girl and Her Teddy Bear Saved a Baby Sloth

Jill Harness

When baby sloths eat, they cling tightly to their mothers. The instinct is so strong that the youngsters won't eat if they aren't cuddling.

The Missing Links: The CIA's Super Secret Dragonfly Spy

Colin Patrick

It’s Been 65 Years Since the Events in Roswell Definitely Did or Absolutely Didn't Happen Time explores the story all these years later: * Killing Aliens 101 Aliens aren’t just a thing

Where Did John Wayne Get His Walk?

Eddie Deezen

He was the quintessential cowboy, the all-American American, the symbol for "macho" all over the world. He starred in more than 170 films in an unparalleled almost 50 year career in movies.

You Betcha: A "Fargo" Documentary, Yah

Chris Higgins

"It's Siberia with family restaurants," -the Coen brothers explain Minneapolis in this half-hour documentary about their film Fargo.