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Morning Cup of Links: Dangerous Classic Toys

Miss Cellania

Great links to start your day!

Why Do We Laugh When We’re Scared?

Anna Green

Scientists still aren't sure what makes us laugh when we're scared—but they have some pretty compelling theories.

Retired Teacher Discovers Her Home Was Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Caitlin Schneider

How a $100,000 home became a priceless investment.

10 Design Facts About U.S. Bills

Caitlin Schneider

The design stories behind the bills (including a tiff between Founding Fathers!).

Pockets of the Brain Can Fall Asleep During the Day

Andrew LaSane

Researchers think they know why people zone out.

This Timelapse of Pills Dissolving to Dance Music is Pretty Unsettling

Rebecca OConnell

The image of the last pill bubbling and expelling orange liquid will definitely give you pause the next time you have to take your meds.

10 Vital Cultural Sites That Might Vanish

Jake Rossen

Weather, water, and basic human neglect is threatening to wipe these sites off the map.

Democracy's Dirty History

AJ Jacobs the mag

For one thing, a trip to the polls used to involve a lot more booze.

5 Habits of Highly Effective Outlaws

the mag

Guns? Check. Masks? Check. Poetry book? If you're going to rob a stagecoach, here's how to do it with flair.

Meet the Man Who Built a Replica of the 'Halloween' House

Kirstin Fawcett

Kenny Caperton loved the blue Victorian home so much that he decided to construct his own version.

5 Questions: Hard Rain

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

7 Fake Words That Ended Up in the Dictionary

Angela Tung

Ghost words have nothing to do with otherworldly apparitions, but they’re enough to scare the headwords off lexicographers.

Read 'Moby Dick' Online, One Line at a Time

Shaunacy Ferro

Click your way through Herman Melville’s titanic text. We’ll be here to discuss it when you finish in 2030.

Take in This Bird's-Eye View of London

Shaunacy Ferro

Soar above London on the wings of an eagle.

Are These "Death Underpants" History's Craziest Get-Rich-Quick Scheme?

Bess Lovejoy

Step 1: Find a friend who will let you wear his skin after death.