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This Alcohol-Free Beer Syrup Lets You Enjoy a Boozy Breakfast Without the Buzz

Kirstin Fawcett

B.Y.O.P. (bring your own pancakes).

Early Humans Probably Didn’t Get Much Sleep

Shaunacy Ferro

Industrialization may not have changed our sleeping habits that much, a new study argues.

New Book Compiles J.R.R. Tolkien’s Previously Unpublished Middle Earth Sketches

Anna Green

When J.R.R. Tolkien started writing The Lord of the Rings, he wasn’t just interested in telling a story—he was trying to create a new world.

Ermahgerd! The Girl Behind The Meme Opens Up About Internet Fame

Janet Burns

Maggie Goldenberger, now in her mid-20s, tells Vanity Fair the photo that made her famous was taken as a joke.

Meet Marimo, the World’s Most Charismatic Algae

Kate Horowitz

The fuzzy green balls are revered as national treasures, celebrated in religious ceremonies, and kept as pets.

When the U.S. Government Paid Spies With Sears Products

Anna Green

For a short stint in the 1960s, the C.I.A. paid Vietnamese spies with goods from the famous mail-order catalog.

8 Stellar Facts About the Most Accomplished Female Astronomer You’ve Never Heard Of

Suzanne Raga

There's a crater on the moon named after her.

The Missing Links: Gustav Klimt Recreated With Real People

Colin Patrick

Ghostwriter and Ghost: The Strange Case of Pearl Curran & Patience Worth

Bees Love Caffeine, Too

Shaunacy Ferro

Some plants may be luring bees with caffeinated nectar.

How Very Polite Canadians Do a Sports Riot

Arika Okrent

When the Toronto Blue Jays clinched a spot in the American League Championship Series on Wednesday, their fans naturally wanted to engage in some public celebration—so they took to the streets.

Designer Feline Furniture for Highbrow Pet Owners

Kirstin Fawcett

Meyou Paris is trying to give the phrase "cat fancy" a whole new meaning.

Pod City: 9 Fascinating Food Facts From This Week’s Podcasts

Whitney Matheson

This week, Whitney Matheson rounds up little-known culinary facts from recent podcasts—some more digestible than others.

Name the 10 Most Populous U.S. Cities in Order

Take the quiz!

Watch Robots Learn How to Take a Tumble Safely

Shaunacy Ferro

An algorithm helps expensive robots hit the ground without breaking themselves.