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Liverpool is Getting a Temporary Fast-Lane Sidewalk

Rebecca OConnell

Slow walkers are an annoyance in cities around the globe.

Here's an Excuse to Not Rake Your Leaves This Fall

Kirstin Fawcett

You're not lazy—you're just being a friend to the Earth.

When the Pope Ordered the Death of Adolf Hitler

David W Brown

'Church of Spies' by Mark Riebling tells the gripping history of the Vatican’s covert operations during World War II.

Facebook Is Developing A.I. to Beat One of the World’s Oldest Board Games

Anna Green

No computer has ever been created that can beat humans at the ancient Chinese board game Go—and not for lack of trying.

10 Fascinating Facts About Your Microbiome

Erin McCarthy

No man is an island, but every man and woman is an ecosystem.

Rare Whale Caught on Video for the First Time

Shaunacy Ferro

Omura’s whale was only discovered in 2003.

5 Questions: Kismet

Pass rate:75 %
Backwards navigation:Forbidden

10 Kids' Books Too Dangerous To Stay on Shelves

Jake Rossen

A book can be a child's best friend. Unless it contains dangerously high amounts of lead.

This Limited Edition Bottle of Patrón Costs $7500

Erin McCarthy

For the boozehound who has everything.

Apparently Lots of Artists Forget to Include New Zealand on Maps

Kirstin Fawcett

The island nation is missing from Risk boards, infographics, and more.

See Radar Images of the Asteroid That Zipped by Earth on Halloween

Andrew LaSane

It was the closest object to pass Earth since 2004.

Meet Finland's Kid-Friendly Dinosaur Metal Band

Kirstin Fawcett

Founded in 2009, Hevisaurus is reportedly popular among the Scandinavian nation's edgiest kindergarteners.

9 Strange Courtship Rituals From Around the World

Ethan Trex

Love wasn't always as simple putting a ring on it.

This Ph.D. Student Live-Tweets Animal Life in the Serengeti

Anna Green

Anne Hilborn wants to show you the world that traditional nature documentaries ignore.

Where To Go For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ in IMAX 70MM

Andrew LaSane

There are only 18 IMAX theaters showing the film as it was shot.