Who Ensures That "No Animals Were Harmed in the Making of This Film"?

Matt Soniak

GARY HERSHORN/Reuters/Landov That’s the work of the American Humane Association, who actually trademarked the phrase. The AHA first set up a committee to investigate abuse of animal actors in the earl

World War I Centennial: Britain and France Team Up (Sort Of)

Erik Sass

Installment #28: The rise of German power on land and at sea in the first years of the 20th century forced Britain and France, rivals since the medieval period, to put aside their differences to conta

5 Things You Didn't Know About Sally Ride

Ethan Trex

Sally Ride, the first American woman in space, has passed away. She was 61. This story on her life and accomplishments originally appeared last

The Movie That Caused PTSD

Jill Harness

Most people think of TV movies as cheesy, inferior versions of their big-screen counterparts, but no other movie has caused as much fear in its viewers as the BBC film Ghostwatch. The movie was sho

The Missing Links: Barry Larkin's Flaming Underwear Olympics Hoax

Colin Patrick

You Think Nuclear Weapons Are Safe? Why Don’t You Stand Right Under One As It Explodes? These five guys did.

Our 12 Most Popular Math & Science T-Shirts (Plus a Big Sale!)

Andréa Fernandes

Our Pi Approximation T-shirt sale ends tonight, so hurry to our store to pick up any of our great T-shirts for only $14.99

5 Scientist Screw-Ups to Remember Next Time You Bungle Something

Jessica Hullinger

When we think of the world of science, we often imagine white lab coats and sterile instruments, where everything is perfectly measured, monitored and executed.

Yet More Brilliant Space Station Video

Chris Higgins

Without the Space Shuttle, our sources of fresh space video are somewhat limited.

Remembering the Aurora Twelve

Miss Cellania

Friday morning, we awoke to the horrific news of a shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.

Brain Game: Math Square #130

Good luck solving today's Monday Math Square Brain Game challenge: Place the digits 1 through 9 in the white blanks so that the mathematical equations work both across and down

Morning Cup of Links: Shopping Bear

Miss Cellania

England hasn't hosted the Olympics since 1948, but the Royal Family participates quite often.

Math Food for Pi Approximation Day

Miss Cellania

July 22 is Pi Approximation Day because pi's fractional approximation is 22/7.

Why Is Bird Poop White?

Matt Soniak

You, me, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, deer, elephants and lots of other animals all make brown poop (most of the time, anyway).

Weekend Links: A Crocheted Playground

Allison Keene

Positively brilliant - The Sound and the Fury as William Faulkner imagined, in color.

25 Fictional Characters Posing With mental_floss

Jill Harness

You've already seen celebrities posing with Mental Floss at the Motor City Comic Con, but have you ever wondered whether your favorite fictional characters would enjoy the magazine?