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Meet the Man Who's Paid to Sniff Out Bad Smells

Kirstin Fawcett

Ned Ostojic hunts down odors and brainstorms how to get rid of them.

The Real-Life Criminal Who Inspired Charles Dickens

Paul Anthony Jones

In the case of Ikey Solomon, the real life tale trumps fiction.

Paint 3D Sculptures in the Air With This New Mobile App

Andrew LaSane

The Air Pencil app uses your smartphone's mechanical systems to create paintings made of light.

Bicycles Painted in Pantone's Spring 2016 Colors Are Delightful

Rebecca OConnell

Riding around on 16-3905 Lilac Gray might be almost be as good as spring itself.

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Camper in Your Life

Erin McCarthy

There's no reason adventure seekers shouldn't be roughing it in style.

11 of the Hottest Bird Dance Moves

Kate Horowitz

It’s an avian dance party, and everyone’s invited.

How Does Fire Burn in Microgravity?

Kirstin Fawcett

If you’ve ever watched a TV or movie in which a conflagration roars through microgravity, you've probably wondered: How do flames burn in space?

10 Fascinating Facts About Morays

Mark Mancini

The fish that inspired Ursula’s sidekicks in Disney’s The Little Mermaid are at once odd, majestic, and dangerous.

5 Questions: We've Got "Spirit"

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Feast Your Eyes on What Microscopic Ocean Plants Look Like From Space

Shaunacy Ferro


Walk the Ancient City of Petra on Google Street View

Chris Higgins

Can't afford a trip to Jordan? Thanks to Google, you can get pretty close for free!

This Sprinkler Saves Water By Analyzing the Weather Forecast

Michele Debczak

ETwater learns from the data it collects about your lawn and climate.

Edison Showed Off the Phonograph 138 Years Ago Today

Chris Higgins

He hollered "Mary Had a Little Lamb" into it. And it hollered back!

Were Medieval Books Written on Uteruses?

Kate Horowitz

Researchers found a clever way to test centuries-old manuscripts without damaging them: eraser crumbs.

A Quest to Document Northeast India's Amazing Root Bridges

Kirstin Fawcett

Pliable, strong overpasses are fashioned from trees—but they've never been documented in full.