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This Ph.D. Student Live-Tweets Animal Life in the Serengeti

Anna Green

Anne Hilborn wants to show you the world that traditional nature documentaries ignore.

Where To Go For ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ in IMAX 70MM

Andrew LaSane

There are only 18 IMAX theaters showing the film as it was shot.

500 Discovered Exoplanets in One Epic Poster

Michele Debczak

A colorful look at the known universe.

17 Bankable Facts About 'The Color of Money'

Roger Cormier

Paul Newman worked hard, and pushed people to their limits, to get his first acting Oscar.

Why Can I Sometimes See the Moon During the Day?

Kate Horowitz

The Moon doesn't always go down when the Sun comes up.

Google Will Start Using A.I. To Automatically Generate Email Responses

Anna Green

Google's latest tech magic trick: an A.I. system that will read and respond to emails for you when you’re on the go.

The Hidden Pooper in a 17th Century Painting

Shaunacy Ferro

Some philistine painted a bush over him!

The Missing Links: The iTunes Terms of Service As A Graphic Novel

Colin Patrick

This Magnetic Notebook Lets You Add, Remove, and Reorganize Its Pages

Michele Debczak

One more reason you should be writing in a physical notebook.

These Soap Bubbles Form Ice Crystals Right Before Your Eyes

Rebecca OConnell

These bubbles freeze faster than they pop.

8 Famous Historical Figures Excommunicated by the Catholic Church

Claire Cock-Starkey

The Vatican doesn't like it when you start your own religion (among other things).

This Plane Could Cross the Atlantic in Less Than an Hour

Kirstin Fawcett

The Skreemr Jet's design would allow it to travel up to 10 times the speed of sound.

NASA Releases Footage of the Sun in Ultra-HD

Michele Debczak

Just beautiful.

15 Scenic Facts About the Great Barrier Reef

Michael Arbeiter

9. The Reef is a very romantic spot for some animals.

Artist Carves 20-Year Prison Experience Into Ostrich Eggshells

Andrew LaSane

These intricate sculptures depict real life inside violent American prisons.