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Stendhal Syndrome: Overdosing On Beautiful Art

Suzanne Raga

Sometimes, art can cause a medical emergency.

This Japanese Kindergarten Was Constructed Around a Revered Tree

Michele Debczak

Fuji Kindergarten's unique classroom design centers around a tree with a lot of local history.

The Most Popular Dog Names of 2015

Rebecca OConnell

What are people naming their dogs these days?

Watch This Human and Robot Make Beautiful Art Together

Anna Green

Artist Sougwen Chung has a recruited a peculiar collaborator for her latest project: a robot called D.O.U.G._1.

Watch This Cinematic Tribute to The Films of 2015

Anna Green

The supercut includes visually striking moments from blockbuster hits, indie favorites, horror movies, superhero flicks, documentaries, and more.

60 Years Ago Today, Rosa Parks Refused to Move to the Back of the Bus

Jen Pinkowski

Sixty years ago today, Parks was arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, for violating chapter 6, section 11 of the Montgomery County Code.

The Internet Is Coming Together to Mail Holiday Cards to "Britain's Loneliest Schoolboy"

Michele Debczak

Aron Anderson is the sole student at the Skerries Community School in Scotland.

Please DO Touch the Holiday Decorations in Manhattan's Winter Garden

Kirstin Fawcett

The venue’s magnificent light display lights up when you make a “wish” on it.

This Modified 108-Ball Nerf Gun Is Every Child's Dream Toy

Andrew LaSane

Watch as a fan blows balls out of the toy's modified tubes at 70 mph.

Hitler’s Plan to Kill Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill—at the Same Time

David W Brown

But for loose lips and a little bit of luck, a terrible parallel history might have become reality.

Canadian Diver Finds 19th-Century Bottle of Beer

Kirstin Fawcett

… It goes without saying that he probably shouldn’t drink it.

Newly Discovered Form of Carbon Is Harder Than Diamond

Andrew LaSane

A team of researchers at North Carolina State University is manipulating carbon in intriguing ways.

Garlic Can Make Your Body Odor Smell Sexier

Shaunacy Ferro

A study finds that dudes who eat more garlic smell more attractive and less intense to the ladies.

25 Things You Should Know About Memphis

Mark Mancini

6. Mark Twain once called Memphis the "Good Samaritan City of the Mississippi."

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