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This Bag's Backward Zipper Helps Prevent Robberies

Kirstin Fawcett

The RiutBag’s opening faces its wearer, making it harder to steal your belongings.

Artist Fills Ornaments With Paper Scenes From 'Alice in Wonderland'

Rebecca OConnell

You'd be mad as a hatter not to add these to your holiday collection.

Now You Can Order Room Service Via Emoji

Michele Debczak

One Manhattan hotel is indulging their guests' laziest impulses.

22 'Hamilton' Lyrics, Explained

Erin McCarthy

After centuries of being best known as the guy who was killed by Aaron Burr, Lin-Manuel Miranda's Broadway musical, 'Hamilton,' is bringing the achievements of the "10-dollar foun

These 3D-Printed Teeth Kill Oral Bacteria

Shaunacy Ferro

Print out a new dental implant.

Sculptures Made From Trash Raise Awareness of Beach Waste

Rebecca OConnell

Non-profit organization Washed Ashore Project simultaneously finds a use for trash, and raises awareness of beach waste.

This Skyscraper of the Future Would Let City-Dwellers Explore The Natural World

Anna Green

The skyscraper would have caves, jungles, waterfalls, and even mountains.

This Furniture Can Be Used as Storage For Your Bike

Michele Debczak

Transform your bike into a statement piece.

15 Fast-Talking Facts About 'Get Shorty'

Roger Cormier

It's the Cadillac of Elmore Leonard adaptations.

Why Are There 60 Seconds in a Minute, 60 Minutes in an Hour but 24 Hours in a Day?

Michele Debczak

We can thank the ancient Babylonians and Egyptians.

Look Up Tonight! The Meteor Shower from Halley's Comet Is Here

David W Brown

Every fall, as the Earth crosses through the cosmic debris trail left by Halley's Comet, we see the Orionids meteor shower.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Karnak,' 'Cognetic,' and more.

The 115-Year-Old Mystery of Flannan Lighthouse's Missing Keepers

Caitlin Schneider

There was something strange happening on the island of Eilean Mor long before three lighthouse keepers disappeared in the winter of 1900.

Dick Cheney Once Complained That Donald Rumsfeld Drank Too Much Coffee

Shaunacy Ferro

Then-Deputy Chief of Staff Dick Cheney wondered why exactly Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld was spending more than $100 a month on coffee.

6 Historical Misconceptions About the Planets

Kevin McKeown

Humans have been making observations of the heavens for millennia, and in that time people have said a lot of different things about the planets—some interestingly astute and others wildly inaccurate.