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Lucky Batman Fan Gets a Custom Batmobile Built From Scratch

Andrew LaSane

A unique vehicle inspired by the 'Batman: Arkham Knight' video game.

The Peculiar Globe Housing of Holland

Rebecca OConnell

The little town of Bolwoningen is made up of a plethora of golf ball houses.

What 8 Words and Symbols on a Bag of Coffee Mean

Drew Moody

Buying coffee can be tricky, especially if you buy your beans from a “Third Wave” roaster, the artisanal makers who are coffee’s answer to craft beer.

Poop-Eating Naked Mole Rats Get Suckered Into Babysitting

Kate Horowitz

Hormones in the queen rats’ poop may turn their subordinates into willing babysitters.

How Bad Is It to Sleep in My Contacts, Really?

Take a Virtual Tour of Paris's Newly Renovated Museum of Mankind

Kirstin Fawcett

After six years, the institution has finally re-opened its doors to the public.

Snowflakes and the Beauty of the Meme

5 Questions: Mary Worth

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See a Full View of the Earth Every Day with NASA's New Site

Shaunacy Ferro

See the sunlit side of Earth anew every day.

The Origins of 9 Gab-Worthy 'Gilmore Girls' Terms

Angela Tung

Put on another pot of coffee because the Gilmore Girls are back.

Rare, Pro-Adultery "Sinners' Bible" Heads to Auction

Andrew LaSane

There are only nine known copies of the misprinted book in existence.

Artist Creates Pool Tables Shaped Like Food

Rebecca OConnell

Are you bored of traditional pool tables, and maybe also a little hungry? Cléon Daniel has just the thing for you.

15 Amazin' Facts About the Mets

Jake Rossen

Mr. Met was once threatened by the Secret Service.

'Sesame Street' Introduces Julia, a New Character With Autism

Chris Higgins

Julia is autistic and amazing.

Weird Sea Slug Sniffs Out and Steals Its Food’s Defenses

Matt Soniak

Halimeda incrassata is a type of seaweed, and it’s pretty badass for an algae. But none of its defenses deter the sea slug Elysia tuca.