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Watch Vin Diesel Nerd Out During a Game of Dungeons & Dragons

Andrew LaSane

The actor returns to his roots with some spirited fantasy play.

Artist Covers Walls in Elaborate Patterns Made of Real Insects

Rebecca OConnell

This bright 'wallpaper' is equal parts beautiful and horrifying.

Designer Plays With Her Food, Turns It Into Complex Art

Rebecca OConnell

Anna Keville Joyce's art looks good enough to eat … maybe because it is.

Dartmouth Researchers Authenticate Controversial Photo of JFK's Assassin

Shaunacy Ferro

The "backyard photo" of Lee Harvey Oswald isn't a fake, as conspiracy theorists argue.

Watch Flesh-Eating Beetles Devour Dead Animals

Shaunacy Ferro

It's for science!

Each Fall, a Town in Oregon Races Pumpkin 'Boats' Across a Lake

Kirstin Fawcett

The hollowed-out gourds provide a spectacle, but are they seaworthy?

6 Presidential Facts About James Buchanan

Benjamin Lampkin

Some American presidents have their faces on currency, some get memorialized in film and literature.

Six Degrees of Francis Bacon Shows Links Between Your Favorite Historical Figures

Anna Green

Ever wondered who knew whom in Early Modern Britain?

Robber Ants Spend Their Days Stealing From Other Nests

Shaunacy Ferro

Thieves may be an established caste among some ant species.

The Quest to Discover the World's Books Bound in Human Skin

Simon Davis

The Mütter Museum recently discovered it owns the nation's largest collection of books bound in human leather—and now a research team is trying to track down the rest of the world’s examples.

Astronaut Scott Kelly Breaks Record for Time Spent in Space

Kate Horowitz

The title was previously held by Kelly's colleague Mike Fincke, who spent 382 days in space.

This Nigerian Startup is Combatting Food Waste With Solar-Powered Fridges

Michele Debczak

These fridges cut post-harvest waste by 80 percent.

13 Epic Facts About 'Once Upon a Time in America'

Eric D Snider

It wasn't until after Sergio Leone's death that his final movie came to be appreciated.

A Drought in Southern Mexico Has Revealed a Drowned Colonial-Era Church

Kirstin Fawcett

The stone structure was once part of a 17th-century town called Quechula.

Learn Filmmaking and Meditation David Lynch-Style

Anna Green

Get an advanced degree in David Lynch.