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Mysterious French Thieves Stole $43,000 Worth of Cheese

Kirstin Fawcett

It wasn't just any cheese—it was Comté cheese.

10 Thrilling ‘The Walking Dead’ Fan Theories

Abbey Stone

The popular show's anything-goes spirit has extended to its viewers, who have some wild theories of their own.

Eerie, Beautiful Photos of Deep Sea Creatures by a Marine Biologist

Shaunacy Ferro

Gorgeous close-ups of animals you didn't know existed

Oldest Working Actor Has Worked With Both Charlie Chaplin and Judd Apatow

Anna Green

He's worked with everyone.

Rebellious Group Splices Fruit-Bearing Branches Onto Urban Trees

Michele Debczak

Fighting The Man with sustainable fruit.

10 Friendly Facts About the Golden Retriever

Rebecca OConnell

It’s no mystery why these fluffy pooches are so popular: the well-mannered, fun-loving dogs are a hit with children and adults alike. Learn more about the history of these famous yellow dogs.

Mayan Hieroglyphs Get a Digital Archive

Shaunacy Ferro

Swiss researchers are cataloguing Maya texts to make pre-Columbian writing accessible to scientists all over the world.

'Everything in Moderation' Diet May Not Be So Healthy After All

Jordan Rosenfeld

It may allow people to justify eating unhealthy foods in less-than-moderate amounts.

‘Hippo’ Spotted in London Pond Is Actually a Remote-Controlled Boat

Kate Horowitz

You can’t blame them for being confused.

15 Adventurous Facts About ‘Up’

Tara Aquino

The Oscar-winning Pixar movie’s opening scene alone is enough to bring a stray tear to even the most casual moviegoer’s eye.

How Can We Feel When People Are Looking at Us?

Rebecca OConnell

Everyone has felt like they were being watched before. But how?

Showcase What You’re Reading With These Accented Bookshelves

Michele Debczak

Not all books are created equal.

5 Sage Tidbits of Wisdom from Carl Sagan

Shaunacy Ferro

Happy birthday, Carl!

Scientists Are Developing an ‘Artificial Nose’ That Sniffs Out Spoiling Food

Anna Green

Scientists at Massachusetts-based company C2Sense are working on building a tiny “artificial nose” that will be able to smell out food spoilage.

The Classic Piggy Bank Has Received a Digital Upgrade

Andrew LaSane

Kids no longer have to smash ceramic banks to know how much they've saved.