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Giant Rat Fossils Discovered on East Timor

Anna Green

The giant rats weighed as much as a small dog.

A Maryland Island Is Sinking Into the Chesapeake Bay

Kirstin Fawcett

Researchers blame climate change.

Chinese Researchers Have Developed Creepy Paper That Walks

Andrew LaSane

The special carbon-based paper expands and contracts when hit with infrared light.

10 Football Passing Routes Explained

Benjamin Lampkin

There are all kinds of rules about who lines up where and why, but we’ll stick to the basics with a description of some of the most common routes and what they look like on the field.

LA Kicks Off a Program to Save Rainwater for Drought Usage

Shaunacy Ferro

The water-starved region is trying to make the most of the upcoming El Niño winter.

Italy's Mysterious 'Park of Monsters'

Bess Lovejoy

These strange, moss-covered sculptures have been luring visitors for well over 400 years.

This Cool Pencil Becomes a Spinning Top

Rebecca OConnell

A toy you have to earn.

15 Fun Facts About 'Time Bandits'

Roger Cormier

Sean Connery helped guide Terry Gilliam through the beginning—and the ending—of the children's (sort of) classic.

Real-Life Chicago Blizzard Inspired The Wall in 'Game of Thrones'

Andrew LaSane

Author George R.R. Martin remembers the Blizzard of '67 as the coldest winter ever.

Collect All These 3D Printable Corgis

Rebecca OConnell

Ever want to recreate dog fort with a Red Lobster figurine of your own? Now you can.

Map Out Your Food With State-Shaped Plates

Rebecca OConnell

You can eat apple pie on New York, serve barbeque on Texas, or enjoy cheese slices on Wisconsin.

25 Delightful Facts About Delaware

Andrew LaSane

Two words: Punkin chunkin.

The 12 Biggest Electrical Blackouts In History

Roger Cormier

Fifty years ago today, the Great Northeast Blackout trapped 800,000 people in New York City's subways.

The Missing Links: The Most Influential Beards of All Time

Colin Patrick

This Website Lets You Remix Bob Dylan’s Music

Anna Green

Remix your own version of "Like a Rolling Stone."