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10 Aquatic Facts About 'Creature From the Black Lagoon'

Mark Mancini

Its 1955 sequel was Clint Eastwood’s first movie.

Scientists Witness Planetary Destruction by Real Death Star

Andrew LaSane

The white dwarf star is believed to be destroying its own solar system.

Virtual Reality Lets You Experience the Forest Through the Eyes of an Animal

Rebecca OConnell

Normally, virtual reality brings its users to far off and mythical places—but sometimes the real magic is right in your backyard.

William Shatner Is Launching His Own Comic Book Imprint

Andrew LaSane

The imprint will also publish a new graphic novel by Stan Lee.

The Bizarre Lead Mask Deaths of 1966

Stacy Conradt

In 1966, a young man came across a pair of dead bodies lying side-by-side. But what they were wearing took the discovery from tragic to truly bizarre.

The 26 Most Popular Halloween Costumes by State

Michele Debczak

See what the most popular Halloween costume is in your area.

The Missing Links: The Most Nutso Attorney's Advertisement Yet

Colin Patrick

When LA Thought It Had a Secret Underground Reptilian City

Rebecca OConnell

One engineer was certain that an ancient group of super-humans once lived under LA over 5000 years ago, leaving behind a cache of gold.

In Norway, 'Texas' Is Slang for 'Crazy'

Kirstin Fawcett

Apparently the state's rugged, rough-and-tumble reputation precedes itself.

Do You Use Only 10% of Your Brain?

Hannah Keyser

Don't believe the myth.

Adjusted for Inflation: A History of the Reebok Pump

Jake Rossen

After manufacturing the first 7000 pairs, Reebok's warehouse made a frantic call: none of them would inflate.

Autocomplete Software Now Exists For Hand-Drawn Animation

Andrew LaSane

New technology that could change the future of animation.

In Wales, People Run Marathons Against Horses—and Sometimes Win

Shaunacy Ferro

Every year, one Welsh town puts man’s endurance-running supremacy to the test.

Sort These Sets of Threes in Categories

Take the quiz!

10 Amazing Facts About the Infant Brain

Jordan Rosenfeld

3. Birth to age 3 sees the fastest rate of brain development in the entire human lifespan.