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40 Years Ago, the Women of Iceland Went on Strike

Shaunacy Ferro

Predictably, the whole country ground to a halt.

Get Happy: Swing Dancers Dance to Hip-Hop (and Vice Versa)

Chris Higgins

Prepare to smile.

Afraid of Clowns? Don't Visit This Nevada Motel

Bess Lovejoy

Conveniently located next to a century-old miners’ graveyard

The Man Without a Brain

Emma Adler the mag

Does gray matter really matter?

'The Shining' Hotel Could Soon Become a Horror Museum

Andrew LaSane

The Colorado hotel that inspired the film has announced a major renovation.

A Man Named 'Santa Claus' Was Elected to City Council in North Pole, Alaska

Kirstin Fawcett

The 66-year-old government official uses his Christmas-y credentials to advocate for children.

Howler Monkeys Can Either Be Really Loud or Well-Endowed

Kate Horowitz

A new study compares testes size and vocal capacity in 10 howler monkey species.

Some Penguins Are Projectile Poopers

Mark Mancini

These Antarctic birds might look cute and huggable, but you might want to give them a wide berth after mealtime.

25 Sweet Facts About Alabama

Jake Rossen

They put us on the moon, gave us Mardi Gras, and collect all our unclaimed luggage. Thanks, Alabama!

A Brief History of Brain Surgery

Bess Lovejoy the mag

It took humans no time to crack into a skull. Cracking the art of neurosurgery? That's a different story.

How Scientists are Creating Flavors With ‘Phantom Aromas’

Anna Green

Food scientists are trying to trick your brain into tasting flavors that aren’t there.

Humans Spread Plague Long Before Fleas Did

Andrew LaSane

The disease has been around twice as long as we previously thought.

This Art Installation Uses 30 Tons of Colorful Sand

Rebecca OConnell

An art installation that was made to be messed up.

This Guitar-Shaped Fish Rocks Retractable Eyes

Anna Green

The guitarfish can retract its eyes nearly 1.6 inches into its head.

Could Your Bunny Be the New Face of Trix?

Rebecca OConnell

Trix is looking for a real rabbit to grace the front of their cereal boxes.