Australian Toilets Don't Flush Backwards Because of the Coriolis Effect

Chris Higgins

Toilet image via Shutterstock File under "News to Me": you know that old story about how northern hemisphere toilets flush counter-clockwise, and southern hemisphere toilets (and buckets

6 Instagrammers You Should Be Following

David K. Israel

With the big news that Instagram is finally available, as of today, for the Android platform, it's time to look at some accounts you want to be following once you get on, or if you're one of

Peeps on Television: 20 Shows Starring Marshmallow Peeps

Miss Cellania

One way of gauging the popularity of a television series is by how many Peeps dioramas are constructed around them.

Brain Game: V's-à-V

Good luck with today's Brain Game Tuesday Test Time challenge: What FOUR U.N.-recognized nations have short-form English names that begin with the letter V? Here are the A

Morning Cup of Links: Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Miss Cellania

Christianity in Crisis.

Kentucky's Win Is Good News for Yankee Fans

Jason English

Congratulations to Kentucky fans on the Wildcats' win over Kansas in the NCAA Tournament championship game.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Should Get an Editor's Credit on the Titanic Re-Release

Colin Patrick

Seeing a popular motion picture reappear in theaters years after its initial release is not a new thing.

The Time Russia Ran Out of Vodka

the mag

by Judy

What Kind of Pinner Are You? The 8 Types on Pinterest

David K. Israel

Many moons ago, I posted What Kind of Friend are YOU?

Ondrej Pakan's Stunning Photos of Dewy Insects

Jill Harness

How does Ondrej Pakan capture such fascinating images of otherwise boring insects?

How to Sharpen Pencils

Chris Higgins

Author, satirist, and professional pencil-sharpener David Rees has written a fully-illustrated guest column for Etsy on the topic of How to Sharpen Pencils.

Brain Game: Math Square #116

Today's Brain Game is a new Monday Math Square. This one might be a little tougher than usual, so we've spotted you one digit (the 2) to help get you started.

Morning Cup of Links: Junk Food Jubilation

Miss Cellania

April Fools Day on the Web is a database that lists all the shenanigans on the internet every April 1st.

The Beatles Cartoons

Eddie Deezen

In September of 1965, the Beatles were the hottest act in the history of show business. In addition to their millions of record and album sales and their sold out concerts all over the world, the F

Adam Cole Is This Issue's Bard-in-Residence

Mangesh & Jason

We shall, from time to time, add a Bard-in-Residence to the masthead. This is the first of those times.