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Einstein-Inspired Clock Uses Sand to Show the Passing of Time

Rebecca OConnell

Read the patterns in the sand to tell the time.

Play Scents Like Music on The Museum of Food and Drink’s New Smell Synthesizer

Anna Green

The smells range from pleasant odors like “coconut” to overpowering aromas like “nail polish remover."

9 Mournful Facts About Edgar Allan Poe’s "The Raven"

Joy Lanzendorfer

“Once upon a midnight dreary” begins "The Raven," setting the mood for one of the most recognizable poems written in English.

Top Emerging Foodie Cities Across the U.S.

These LED Bulbs Were Made to Resemble Vintage Incandescents

Michele Debczak

Easy on the eyes and your electric bill.

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Take the quiz!

Tiny Cat Figurines Are a Great Substitute for Fortunes

Rebecca OConnell

Felines are the new fortunes.

How Some of the First Plastic Contacts Were Made

Shaunacy Ferro

A newsreel shows what life was like for contacts-wearers before the invention of soft and breathable lenses.

10 Quick Facts About Whippets

Rebecca OConnell

Blink once and these fast little pups are gone. Learn more about the spunky English racing dog.

From Donation Bin to Sotheby's: How a Rare 19th-Century Bible Almost Got Away

Delicious Meals Knit From Wool

Shaunacy Ferro

Brb, I’ll be making dinner for the next…six months.

Town Weighing Retrial for ‘Witch’ Executed in 1716

Kate Horowitz

Nearly three centuries after her death, Maria Bertoletti Toldini may get a second chance for justice.

How 8 Iconic Horror Movie Villains Were Created

Stacy Conradt

When you know what goes into making them—ping pongs, for example—even the most frightening horror movie monsters become less scary.

How Many Trees Are on the Planet?

Michele Debczak

The answer is much higher than we previously suspected.

This Cube Is Made From Every Collectible Element on Earth

Michele Debczak

The Holy Grail of geeky desk ornaments.