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Unhappiness Does Not Cause Illness, Say Researchers

Kate Horowitz

A new paper concludes that people are unhappy because they’re sick, not the other way around.

A Treasure-Laden Spanish Galleon Was Discovered Off Colombia's Coast

Kirstin Fawcett

The legendary haul could be worth billions of dollars.

10 Rich Facts About 'Wall Street'

Mark Mancini

Behind-the-Scenes Video Reveals the Adorable Challenges of Animal Photography

Anna Green

Watch wildlife photographer Joel Sartore try to get his animal subjects to pose for the perfect photo.

Why Are There Boogers in My Nose?

Erika Berlin

What is all of that snot made of?

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week

Rich Barrett

'Planetes Omnibus,' 'Scarlet Witch,' and 'The Barrier.'

Autocorrect Your Way to New Vocabulary With This App

Shaunacy Ferro

The Words U keyboard will suggest new words based on "personas" like "The English Aristocrat."

McDonald's Restaurants in Ontario Held a Secret Secret Menu Contest

Andrew LaSane

The contest was only open to employees and offered a cash prize of over $7000.

7 Bankers and Financiers Who Changed the World

There have been a handful of people throughout history who have radically changed how we perceive and handle our currency.

Watch the World’s Tiniest Nature Films

Kate Horowitz

The winners of the Nikon’s 2015 Small World in Motion contest captured astonishing, beautiful, and gross videos of life at a microscopic scale.

An Architecture Firm Wants to Bring Ice Skating to the Middle of the Thames River

Shaunacy Ferro

NBBJ proposes installing foldable ice rinks in the middle of the London river.

Cockroaches Can Communicate Through Gut Bacteria

Shaunacy Ferro

The cockroach microbiome is responsible for the insects’ ability to find friends, a new study finds.

Why Does a Word Sometimes Lose All Meaning?

Zachary Petit

Over the years, this mental literary fail has gone by many names: work decrement, extinction, reminiscence, verbal transformation.

28 Interesting Facts About Inventors

In this episode of mental_floss' List Show, John Green reveals a few things you probably didn't know about Tesla, Nobel, and more.

This Algorithm Might Predict the Box Office Success of a Movie Based on Its Screenplay

Anna Green

ScriptBook will analyze screenplays' characters, plots, and dialogue, and predict how much money they'll make.