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Watch This 1968 BBC Interview With J.R.R. Tolkien

Anna Green

Tolkien discusses his inspirations, and wishes he could talk to trees.

'Symmetry,' a Math Film by Charles and Ray Eames

Chris Higgins

What's the most symmetrical geometric shape?

A Guide to Beer and Food Pairing

Rebecca OConnell

Beer can be paired with a lot more than a burger.

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Yogi In Your Life

Caitlin Schneider

Gifts to bolster the practice of the devoted yogi in your life.

Watch Steve Jobs Talk Apple in 1980

Chris Higgins

35 years ago, Steve Jobs talked computers. He got a lot of stuff right.

Chef Cooks Apocalypse Emergency Food; Regrets It

Chris Higgins

If you're eating this, it's because the world has ended.

This Liberal Arts College Teaches You to Work With Your Hands

Kirstin Fawcett

The American College of the Building Arts is the country’s only college to offer a bachelor's degree in traditional building trades.

The Snacks-by-Mail Company Graze Turns Snacking into a Science

Erin McCarthy

When they’re delivered, the boxes look almost like a regular package: Plain brown cardboard, small enough to fit in the mailbox.

5 Questions: Columbo

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Watch 100 Years of Cats in Movies

Anna Green

These furry performers know how to activate our emotions at the twitch of a whisker.

25 Things You Might Not Know About 'Home Alone'

Jennifer M Wood

Some fun—and painful—facts about everyone’s favorite sadistic holiday classic

17 Fascinating Facts About Nintendo Legend Shigeru Miyamoto

Jake Rossen

The creator of Mario and Zelda is so valuable to Nintendo that the company won't allow him to bike to work.

15 Slam-Dunk Facts About 'Space Jam'

April Daley

Nearly 20 years after the sports comedy opened at the top of the U.S. box office, it’s still scoring points with fans.

15 People Who Started Their Own Micronations

Bess Lovejoy

Not satisfied with your nation? Create your own!

15 Retired Food and Drink Flavors

Caitlin Schneider

We still miss at least a few of these twists on classic treats.