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8 Towns that are Numbered

Miss Cellania

The Art of Steadicam

Chris Higgins

11 Fun Facts about SXSW

Erin McCarthy

Tomorrow, the 2013 South by Southwest (SXSW) festival kicks off—and mental_floss will be there!

Anatomy of 14th Century Bubonic Plague Hazmat Suits

Bryan Dugan

The Bubonic Plauge, also known as the Black Death, killed at least 75 million people on three continents.

8 Bookstores in Barns

Virginia C McGuire

Empty barns are one thing this country has plenty of, and a few enterprising booksellers have figured out something to do with all that space.

Why is Charles Schulz in the Hockey Hall of Fame?

Stacy Conradt

He wasn’t a Star or a Blackhawk or a Bruin, but the cartoonist did make some important contributions to the American sport of ice hockey.

Morning Cup of Links: Surprising Oscar Winners

Miss Cellania

ABBA Classics Sung in Swedish (and Spanish)

Chris Higgins

WWI Centennial: The Arms Race Shifts into High Gear

Erik Sass

10 Lesser-Known U.S. Coins

M Asher Cantrell

President Obama recently suggested the retirement of the penny as a way of reducing the federal budget, since it costs nearly two and a half times its face value to mint.

The Missing Links: The Legality of Performing CPR

Colin Patrick

10 Medical Tools You’re Glad Only Exist in Museums

Therese Oneill

Breathe a sigh of relief that these gadgets are no longer in your M.D.'s arsenal.

Building a Concrete Tent

Chris Higgins

Painting Frogs, Licking Wounds & Other Adventures with Poisonous Animals

Matt Soniak

There are plenty of intrepid scientists doing strange-sounding field work. Here are two.

Retrobituaries: Doug McClure and Troy Donahue, the Two Halves of Troy McClure

David W Brown

In all of television history, no fictional character hosting fictional documentaries is better loved than Troy McClure.