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Can You Solve This UK Intelligence Agency’s Puzzling Christmas Card?

Michele Debczak

Holiday greetings await anyone bold enough to try to crack the code. We think.

John James Audubon’s Made-Up Bulletproof Fish

Kate Horowitz

The renowned naturalist once punked an unsuspecting colleague with “field sketches” of made-up species.

Researchers Are Developing a 12 Hour Ibuprofen Patch

Anna Green

Researchers claim to have found a way to incorporate significant amounts of ibuprofen—five to ten times more than is found in most existing medical patches and gels—into a transparent wearable patch t

Museums Outnumber Starbucks and McDonalds Locations in the U.S.

Kirstin Fawcett

The U.S. city with the largest number of museums may surprise you (spoiler: it's not New York).

The Best Way to Give Directions, According to Linguists

Shaunacy Ferro

Lead with a landmark.

Add a Sound-Absorbing Wall Anywhere With This Modular System

Andrew LaSane

An environmentally friendly and easier alternative to temporary walls and room dividers.

Why Does Advent Calendar Chocolate Taste Different?

Mental Floss UK

Chocolate is chocolate, isn’t it? Then why does Advent calendar chocolate taste so weird?

5 Incredible Restorations of Damaged Historical Treasures

Livius Drusus

These restorations prove that sometimes Humpty Dumpty, even shattered into smithereens, can still be put back together.

You Can Thank This Man for Popularizing the Ball Pits of Our Youth

Maggie Malach

Designer Eric McMillan decried traditional playgrounds as "architectural graveyards … They've been built by adults who've forgotten how to play."

These 'Pulp Fiction' Action Figures Quote Explicit Lines From the Film

Andrew LaSane

A cool collectible gift for fans of the cult classic crime drama.

How the Grand Ole Opry Got Its Name

Stacy Conradt

On December 10, 1927, a radio personality's quick quip launched a country music institution.

10 Meaty Facts About the McRib

Adrienne Crezo

What began as a burger alternative has morphed into a bona fide cultural obsession.

The Original Titles of 11 Popular Films

Janet Burns

A Sponge That Plugs Gunshot Wounds, Now Approved for Civilian Use

Shaunacy Ferro

The FDA just approved the use of a device that uses sponges to staunch the flow of bleeding from gunshot wounds.

Finish These Bad Christmas Jokes

Ho, ho, ho.