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Romantic Glass Sponge is the Perfect Prison For Shrimp Couples

Rebecca OConnell

Divorce is not an option when you can't leave your house.

35 Adorable Photos of Your Pets in Halloween Costumes

Jennifer M Wood

We asked you to share pictures of your fuzziest trick-or-treaters. The results were impressive, and adorable.

The Missing Links: A Rube Goldberg Machine That Takes 6 Weeks

Colin Patrick

This Artist Creates Oil Paintings Inspired By Virtual Reality

Anna Green

“Lossy” blends age-old oil painting techniques with the latest virtual reality technology to illustrate the ways in which the real and the virtual fade into each other—and the results are visually stu

These Nameless Paint Labels Encourage Kids to Rethink Color

Michele Debczak

In a world where every color has a name, this minimalist labeling stands out.

10 Comics That Came Surprisingly Close to Real Life

Rich Barrett

These comics came uncomfortably close to real-life headlines—some inadvertently, others on purpose.

Man in the Moon: How Mac Tonight Became the Burger King

Jake Rossen

He sold a record number of Big Macs. Crowds mobbed him. So why did McDonald's have to retire his satin jacket early?

Karl Marx's Grave Costs $6 To Visit

Anna Green

Despite being extremely critical of private property, Marx purchased a plot in the privately-owned Highgate Cemetery.

Stream Every Single Episode of 'The Joy of Painting'

Caitlin Schneider

For one week only, you can have all the happy little trees and clouds.

16 Towering Facts About Mount Everest

Michael Arbeiter

Mount Everest is the tallest and highest peak on Earth. Or is it? Here’s everything you need to know about the world’s most famous mountain.

Sylvester Stallone Is Selling a Career's Worth of Movie Memorabilia

Andrew LaSane

From Rocky's boxing gloves to Judge Dredd's armor, 'Stallone: The Auction' will feature nearly 1400 one-of-a-kind collectibles.

The Screaming Skulls of England

Anna Green

According to legend, some English manors are haunted by screaming skulls, possessed by the spirits of the dead.

The Revolutionary Story Behind Mary Jane Candies

Nicole Garner

These little peanut butter and molasses chews are 100 years old, but they have a much older historical link.

12 Bewitching Facts About 'The Craft'

Andrew LaSane

It's the teenage witch flick that changed the subgenre.

Do Scarecrows Actually Work?

Mark Mancini

For better results, try lasers.