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Dinosaur Egg Candle "Hatches" When You Light It

Rebecca OConnell

What starts out as a simple round candle, becomes a dinosaur emerging from bubbling hot wax.

The Telephone Repairman Turned Shoe Designer

Chris Higgins

"Fear shouldn't paralyze you. It should make you move." -Chris Donovan.

What Are the Chances Life Could Exist on These Nine Planets and Moons?

Caitlin Schneider

Mars isn't our only neighbor that could potentially harbor life.

25 Things You Should Know About Wichita, Kansas

Mark Mancini

16. You can thank this midwestern city for your Pizza Hut habit.

Look Up! The Geminid Meteor Shower Is Here

David W Brown

Sunday and Monday, the Geminid meteor shower rounds out 2015's offering of celestial wonders.

5 Ways Disney Pays Tribute to Old Attractions

Stacy Conradt

From Space Mountain to Pirates of the Caribbean, there are a lot of iconic rides at Disney theme parks—but there are even more attractions that have come and gone, sometimes in a matter of just months

Who Was Heisman and Why Does He Have a Trophy?

Ethan Trex

Before anyone brings home the hardware, let’s answer a few questions about John Heisman and his trophy.

How Do Antarctic Scientists Eat Fresh Eggs?

Shaunacy Ferro

It involves a party.

Adele's 'Hello,' Using Movie Clips

Chris Higgins

"Hello." -C-3PO, Luke Skywalker, and many more.

The New Age Temple Under the Foothills of the Italian Alps

Bess Lovejoy

Constructed in secret, the Temples of Damanhur have been called the eighth wonder of the world.

The Plan to Transform NYC's Broadway Into 40 Blocks of Green Space

Michele Debczak

The "Green Line" would stretch from Union Square to Columbus Circle.

Scientists are Designing Technology to Help Animals ‘Talk’

Anna Green

A new field called animal-computer interaction studies the ways new technologies can help animals communicate.

Curiosity Rover Studies Mars Sand Dunes Up Close for the First Time

Andrew LaSane

The rover took a series of beautiful high-resolution images of the ripples and crests of the dunes.

Moscow's Cemeteries Are Getting Wi-Fi

Kirstin Fawcett

Fittingly, some have dubbed it "Die-Fi."

This App Teaches Students Ancient Japanese Calligraphy

Shaunacy Ferro

The Hentaigana app is designed to help modern students decode ancient handwriting.