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These Transportation Pods Could Transform Your Future Commute

Anna Green

Tommaso Gecchelin is developing energy-efficient pods that will function as a source of versatile public and private transportation.

How Bugs From Australia Settled African Islands

Matt Soniak

Stick bugs arrived on the Mascerene Islands 22 million years ago from a surprising place: Australia.

Wikipedia Hit 5 Million Entries With an Article About an Australian Shrub

Anna Green

Wikipedia, already the longest encyclopedia in the world, reached five million entries on Sunday, November 1, with an article on the Persoonia terminalis.

Atlanta's New World of Puppetry Museum Will Honor Jim Henson's Legacy

Kirstin Fawcett

The brand-new institution owns more than 500 artifacts donated by the late puppeteer's family.

This Firefighter Ran the NYC Marathon in Full Gear

Michele Debczak

This is one of many races he's competed in to honor our fallen heroes.

16 Spooky Facts About 'Poltergeist'

Roger Cormier

They're here!

How a Handkerchief Led to Black Bart’s Capture

Stacy Conradt

Just a little reminder to remove those tags from your dry cleaning.

Which City Has the Tastiest Tap Water?

Alex Palmer

For 25 years, hydration enthusiasts have gathered at the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting to figure out which tap water is tops.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Why You Should Never Say, "I Will Never Use This"

Rebecca OConnell

You might not see those math and science problems ever again—but that's no reason not to learn them.

A Crowdfunded 'Music For Cats' Album Is On the Way

Andrew LaSane

Music composed expressly for felines and verified by science.

The Missing Links: 10 Brain Myths

Colin Patrick

A Wooden Bench That Molds to Your Body When You Sit on It

Kirstin Fawcett

It looks like wood, but it feels like upholstery.

NASA's Unpaid $400 Littering Ticket For Skylab Debris in Australia

Nick Greene

Pick up your litter—we only have one Earth.

25 Things You Should Know About Dallas

Jenni Miller

2. Without Dallas, we wouldn't have the Slurpee.

Celebrate Your Next Holiday With a Meat Cake

Rebecca OConnell

Make cake the main course.