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The Reality Editor App From MIT Lets You Program Objects Around You

Anna Green

The Reality Editor will one day let users integrate and control an immense range of objects, from light switches and thermostats to cars, children’s toys, furniture, and even complex factory machinery

Bring a Patch of the Sky Inside With This Special Light

Rebecca OConnell

Perfect for long distance couples and frequent travelers.

Why Are Girls' Voices Usually Higher Than Boys’ Voices?

Michele Debczak

It all comes down to vocal cords and hormones.

Colonial Reenactors Will Dump Tea Into Boston Harbor Tonight

Kirstin Fawcett

This marks the first time the beverage has been thrown into the harbor since 1773.

See How Disney Uses Software to Change an Actor's Emotions

Andrew LaSane

The program gives directors the power to blend and synchronize takes together seamlessly.

How NASA Would Build a Death Star

Michele Debczak

This could be the best route to building an ultimate weapon of destruction.

Why Is 'Wednesday' Spelled Like That?

Arika Okrent

A little hump day etymology.

25 Major Facts About Mississippi

Andrew LaSane

You can thank the Hospitality State for Root Beer, teddy bears, and, of course, the blues.

The Missing Links: Inside Santa University

Colin Patrick

Pick the Correct Word for Each Definition

You've got this.

Watch This Vertigo-Inducing 360-Degree Tree-Climbing Video

Anna Green

This adventurer takes filmmaking to new heights.

How Roald Dahl Came Up With the Nonsense Words in 'The BFG'

Kirstin Fawcett

The story is more sober than you'd think.

11 Hidden Benefits of Taking More Vacation

LEGO Debuts Kits to Recreate Famous City Skylines

Shaunacy Ferro

The company expands its architectural offerings to full skylines for New York, Berlin, and Venice.

These Panoramic Photographs Take You on a Tour of the World's Cathedrals

Kirstin Fawcett

Photographer Richard Silver uses Photoshop to create floor-to-ceiling shots of these beautiful buildings.