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5 Questions: Maids a-Milking

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A Rare Look at the Work of Young Sylvia Plath

Shaunacy Ferro

Get a peek at the writer’s drawings and poems from when she was a child.

11 Tips for Better Holiday Instagram Photos

Watch The Iconic Movie Moments That Inspired Quentin Tarantino

Anna Green

This split-screen video pairs classic Tarantino movie moments with the films that inspired them.

Social Network Helps the Stressed and Depressed Cope

Shaunacy Ferro

Koko uses crowdsourcing to make cognitive behavioral therapy accessible via iPhone.

From Scratch to Stocking Stuffer: How Factories Make Candy Canes

Kirstin Fawcett

Santa's elves, it seems, leave this one to the pros.

Bleat Along to Classic Holiday Tunes With This Goat-Themed Christmas Album

Kirstin Fawcett

The silly CD has a serious cause—it's intended to remind us how the animals benefit impoverished communities.

The World’s Tallest Railway Arch Bridge Will Be Taller Than the Eiffel Tower

Michele Debczak

The Chenab Bridge in India will stand at 1178 feet tall.

Detroit Named America’s First UNESCO Design City

Shaunacy Ferro

The Motor City joins 115 other global cities that have decided to make creative industries a development priority.

See What Happens When Molten Aluminum Meets Water Beads

Andrew LaSane

Watch as TheBackyardScientist conducts a risky experiment and ends up creating art.

As Darwin's Finches Face Extinction, Study Offers New Hope of Saving Them

Janet Burns

Parasitic flies have driven Galapagos finches to the brink of extinction, but research suggests we may be able to help bring population numbers back up.

How They Filmed the Iconic Climax of 'Home Alone'

Michele Debczak

A behind-the-scenes look at a holiday classic.

Artist Imagines Flags for the Planets of 'Star Wars'

Rebecca OConnell

Designer Scott Kelly gave various planets of the 'Star Wars' galaxy flags.

29 Movies That Almost Starred Harrison Ford

Roger Cormier

He's been Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Rick Deckard, Jack Ryan, and an ass-kicking President. But he almost learned about plastics, and stuck a banana in a tailpipe.

Jack Up Your Stationary Bike Ride With Virtual Reality

Michele Debczak

This stationary bike incorporates VR to create a new fitness experience.