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Improve Your Holiday Gift Wrapping Game With the Power of Mathematics

Caitlin Schneider

Who said you'd never use math in the real world?

25 Things You Should Know About Phoenix

Meg Van Huygen

Learn more about the Valley of the Sun's impressive history.

Nearly 2000 of the Most Earth-Like Exoplanets, Visualized

Shaunacy Ferro

The visualization sorts all the known "Goldilocks" planets—the ones that might be just right life.

11 Stately Facts About ‘Barry Lyndon’

Matthew Jackson

Forty years after its premiere, Stanley Kubrick’s slow-burning period piece continues to grow in esteem.

Reaching for the Soap to Clean That Cut? Try Salty Water Instead

Shaunacy Ferro

A new study finds that saline water is more effective at cleaning wounds than soap.

The 'Super Mario Bros.' PC Game That Wasn't

Chris Higgins

Look, it's Super Mario Bros. 3 running on a PC in 1990! Sort of.

The Dark Past of Japan's 'Battleship Island'

Bess Lovejoy

Take a brief trip to the place they once called "Hell Island."

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Gardener In Your Life

Alvin Ward

Know someone with a green thumb? Give them just the right gift this holiday season with one of these garden-themed gifts.

Breaking Down ‘The X-Files’ By the Numbers

Jennifer M Wood

The truth is out there—and available as an infographic.

This Artist Created a New Paint Inspired by Iridescent Butterfly Wings

Michele Debczak

Kate Nichols's latest work marries art with science.

The Top 10 Most Popular Christmas Songs in Movies

Kirstin Fawcett

Hint: None of them are Mariah Carey originals.

Dutch Archaeologists Find the Site of a Massacre Julius Caesar Boasted About

Shaunacy Ferro

The tribes had asked Caesar for asylum. Instead, they were massacred.

Tourists in Egypt, Rejoice: King Tut's Famous Gold Mask Is Back

Kirstin Fawcett

The pharaoh's burial mask has been restored after suffering damage in a restoration accident.

An Inventor Has Designed an Earthquake-Proof Bed

Anna Green

Chinese inventor Wang Wenxi has designed an earthquake proof bed that turns into a survival chamber.

25 Facts About Missouri? Show Me!

Erika Berlin

Learn more about the home of Mark Twain, Harry Truman, and … a Precious Moments museum.