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10 Highest Grossing Movie Franchises of All Time

Jennifer M Wood

James Bond can’t compete with The Avengers.

Death Valley's Mysterious ‘Sailing Stones’ Explained

Kate Horowitz

The rocks seem to move of their own accord, but only when nobody is looking.

How to Bake a Millennium Falcon Cake

Kirstin Fawcett

The force is strong—and delicious—with this cake.

A Guided Tour of Biosphere 2, the Giant Science Experiment

Chris Higgins

Can't make it to the Arizona desert? Craig Benzine has you covered.

Experience 'The New York Times' in Virtual Reality

Anna Green

Their first project, called ‘The Displaced,’ is a 10-minute introduction to the lives of three refugee children in Lebanon, South Sudan, and eastern Ukraine.

How to Take a Dog Kayaking

Roma Panganiban

Doggy paddling—literally.

Bill Murray on Fame and Being Obnoxious, 1988

Chris Higgins

"I realize it’s impossible to have any sympathy, I mean, true sympathy, for people that are famous." -Bill Murray

The Story Behind the Iconic Coca-Cola Bottle

Caitlin Schneider

How a major marketing problem ushered in a legendary design.

Future of a Central American Space Program Rides on the Wings of One Shiny Beetle

Lindsay Fendt

A Costa Rican jewel scarab may soon visit space—and spark the development of Central America's only space program.

10 Hotels Where You Can Live Like James Bond

Andrew LaSane

You can't compete with 007's superspy skills, but you can match his passport game.

A Machine Can Read Lying Faces Better Than Humans

Shaunacy Ferro

When it comes to spotting lies, people are better off flipping a coin than trusting their instincts.

Sir David Attenborough Narrates Adele's 'Hello'

Chris Higgins

9 Transparently Amazing Facts About X-Rays

Bess Lovejoy

See the Never-Released Nintendo Playstation Console

Andrew LaSane

At least one of the mythical consoles still exists and it absolutely works.

Halloween Is Over, but You Can Still Own a Werewolf Cat

Kirstin Fawcett

The breed is called Lykoi, and its patchy fur stems from a genetic mutation.