Brain Game: Math Square #60

Welcome to the Monday Math Square, designed to get your noggin in gear to start the week. Enjoy! The nine white squares inside the main red grid should be filled with the digits 1 through 9.

Crazy Canstruction Creations

Jill Harness

Most people take shopping displays for granted, but the artists who compete at Canstruction competitions show just how awesome these stacks of groceries can be. If you're one of the naysayers

Morning Cup of Links: Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Miss Cellania

Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day is always the last Monday in January!

Last Week's Most Popular Stories

Jason English

In case you weren't obsessively refreshing all week, here's what you

Weekend Links: Measuring Weather in Terms of Shaq

Allison Keene

I've been doing a lot of traveling lately for work and the one thing we tend to not take any notice of in airports is, well, the thing that is ubiquitous: the carpet.

Weekend Links: Even a Carpool Can Make for Compelling TV

Allison Keene

Maybe it's because I'm incredibly impatient, but I adore time-lapse video. Here are 10 incredible examples of beauty that occurs only when you speed through things.

How Did You Know? – Day 4 Level 3/Bonus Round

David K. Israel

YES! You can play this challenge/contest without knowing a thing about the weekly hunt! It's sort of a one-off - a stand-alone if you will.

The Quick 10: 10 Unusual Super Bowl Side Bets

Stacy Conradt

I’m really only interested in football games when a) it's the Iowa State Cyclones or b) I’m participating in the physical_floss Fantasy Football league, getting embarrassed by Jason Plautz two ye

On Thin Ice: The Fight to Control the Arctic Economy

the mag

by Ethan Trex The Arctic is changing—fast. In fact, within the next 30 to 40 years, the region could be ice-free. So why are countries and companies lining up to get their share of the Arctic pie?

What Else Were You Doing on Notable Days in History?

Jason English

On Fridays, I post a series of unrelated questions meant to spark conversation in the comments. Answer one, answer all, respond to someone else's reply, whatever you want.

Puppies Wearing Hats Eating Bacon Sharing Facts (about plaid)

Stacy Conradt

There are ruff-ly 14,000 recognized variations of tartan. That’s a lot of plaid.

The Empire Farts Back

Chris Higgins

Now, look. I'm not normally a guy who would post a fart video on an esteemed website. But guess what, that's what's going down.

neatorama presents: HDYK? - {day 4}

David K. Israel

It's an all-new 5-day trivia hunt! Co-puzzle Master Josh Halbur and I are happy to bring you the next How Did You Know?

The American Dream, Explained via Flowchart

Ransom Riggs

Doogie Horner has a way with flowcharts.

The World's Weirdest Skyscrapers

Jill Harness

In our modern society, skyscrapers are often taken for granted as just another sign of urbanization, but imagine how incredible one of these massive structures would be to someone born a few hundred y