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5 Questions: "Lem"my Kilmister

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These Parrots Are the First Animals to Use Grinding Tools

Matt Soniak

Out of 300-plus parrot species, only a handful have been known to use tools. Now, a new study suggests that the greater vasa parrot (Coracopsis vasa) can be added to that short list.

American Girl Debuts a Diabetic Care Kit for Dolls

The Week

On January 1, the company will begin selling its newest accessory—an insulin pump.

The Top Wildlife Pictures of 2015 From the Wildlife Conservation Society

Rebecca OConnell

Who doesn't love a good animal photo roundup?

5 Environmentally Smart Ways to Dispose of Your Christmas Tree

D.J. MacLennan

Don't just leave it on the curb this year.

Meet the Mount Rushmore Baseball Team

Stacy Conradt

The men who crafted the memorial worked hard—but they also played hard.

You Guessed It: There’s a Panda Among These Stormtroopers

Jennifer M Wood

The Internet’s favorite panda has turned to the Dark Side.

The Most Watched TV Shows of 2015 (That Aren't Football)

Jennifer M Wood

Brains beat guts for television viewers this year.

Watch this Giant Squid Swim Alongside a Diver in Japan

Tara Aquino

The ginormous creature reportedly “looked lively, spurting ink and trying to entangle his tentacles around” one brave diver.

The Theatrophone: The 19th-Century Version of Livestreaming

Tanya Basu

As usual, the Parisians got there way before you.

12 Cool Species Discovered in 2015

Matt Soniak

The millipede Tasmaniosoma anubis was named after the jackal-headed Egyptian god Anubis because its genitals resemble the god’s ears and snout.

These Revolutionary Earbuds Mold to the Shape of Your Ears

Garin Pirnia

The days of uncomfortable earphones are over!

Monaco's Pantone Cafe is a Beautiful Place to Eat

Rebecca OConnell

All the food gets its own Pantone color code.

10 Therapy Robots Designed to Help Humans

Rudie Obias

More and more people are using robots for companionship and therapy.

How Long Does It Actually Take to Get Out of Shape?

It happens faster than you'd think.