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Happy "Odd Day!" (It's the Last One of the Century)

Nick Greene

8 Hybrid Animals with Awesome Portmanteau Names

Mark Mancini

Everyone knows what a liger is—but there are a few crossed creatures you might not be aware of.

The Game Show That Could Have Killed Its Contestants

Mental Floss UK

How far would you go to win $100,000?

In the Future, Sewage Samples Could Be Used to Prevent the Next Viral Outbreak

Michele Debczak

Researchers at MIT are gathering city data from an unusual source.

How an 81-Year-Old Woman Is Trying to Preserve Her Vanishing Native Tongue

Kirstin Fawcett

Marie Wilcox hopes that the project will keep the Wukchumni language alive.

A New Plan to Build a Bigger—and Better—Colossus of Rhodes

Kirstin Fawcett

A new proposed version of the giant ancient statue would stand nearly five times as high as the original structure.

This Alarm Clock Slaps You Awake

Shaunacy Ferro

For those of us who need an extreme wake-up call

A 'Star Wars' Game Designed to Teach Kids to Code

Shaunacy Ferro

Code.org launches a Princess Leia-themed tutorial to encourage kids to build their own games.

Mars Is Slowly Breaking Apart Its Largest Moon, Says NASA

Andrew LaSane

The gravity on Mars pulls Phobos closer every year, and the brittle moon is barely holding itself together.

8 Extreme Disney Princess Mashups

Miss Cellania

This is getting ridiculous.

See Voyager 1’s Luminous Pictures of Saturn

Kate Horowitz

Thirty-five years ago today, the spacecraft reported back to Earth with data and images of the ringed planet’s unique beauty.

How Filmmakers of the Past Imagined The Future

Anna Green

A century of shiny robots, spaceships, and laser guns.

Check Out the Winners of Google's Driverless Car Design Contest

Michele Debczak

Google's self-driving cars are getting a colorful upgrade.

16 Breezy Facts About 'Cool Runnings'

Roger Cormier

Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme!

Avoiding Facebook Might Make You Happier, Study Finds

Shaunacy Ferro

A think tank asked people to stay off Facebook for one week. Afterward, many of them felt significantly more content with their lives.