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This Rocket Engine Design Would Turn Space Junk Into Propellant

Michele Debczak

The space debris orbiting Earth is a growing problem that requires a creative solution.

How Mind-Controlled Exoskeletons May One Day Help the Paralyzed to Move

Anna Green

Duke University neuroengineer Miguel Nicolelis is trying to build a robot suit that can read your mind.

These Tea Bags Transform into Goldfish in Your Mug

Michele Debczak

Tea drinkers can pull the bag's string to watch their goldfish swim around.

18 Fun Facts About 'The Naked Gun'

Roger Cormier

No, that's not Enrico Pallazzo!

Rare Butterfly Species Named for David Attenborough

Kate Horowitz

Researchers say they were “influenced and inspired” by Attenborough’s documentaries.

Watch Nick Offerman Silently Stare and Drink Whisky for 45 Minutes

Andrew LaSane

What, like you have something better to do?

Scientists Officially Prove That Double-Dipping Is Gross

Kirstin Fawcett

We probably didn't need this experiment, but it's good to know for sure.

The Missing Links: Keith Morrison Reads 'The Grinch'

Colin Patrick

Pantone Chose Two Pastels as Their Joint 2016 Color of the Year

Andrew LaSane

For the first time ever, Pantone has selected a blend of two shades to represent the upcoming year.

Do These Videos Show Trees 'Breathing'?

Starre Vartan

It looks as if a giant is sleeping just beneath the forest floor. Spoiler alert: It's not a giant.

11 Tips for Checking Things Off Your Holiday To-Do List In Record Time

The Daredevil Gal Pals Who Conquered the Sky

Matilde Moisant and Harriet Quimby were by all outward appearances proper Edwardian ladies, but looks can be deceiving.

This Chinese City Makes More Than Half of the World's Christmas Accessories

Kirstin Fawcett

Yiwu produces everything from glittery decorations to gaudy Santa hats.

Artist Gives Anatomy Textbook a Slick Makeover in Black and Gold

Rebecca OConnell

This fully functional anatomy book is equal parts science and art.

Guess Who in Three Clues

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