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Livingston v Moore: The Trial to Decide Who Wrote "A Visit From St. Nicholas"

Stacy Conradt

When “A Visit From St.

12 Crazy Materials Used to Make Alternative Christmas Trees

Jill Harness

Tired of the boring old Christmas tree sitting in your living room? Then perhaps you should try sprucing up your home with one of these weirdly wonderful alternative trees instead.

100 Years on a Dirty Dog: The History of Greyhound

Gary Belsky

Greyhound has been busing Americans around for a century. It's hard to believe that after all these years, the company is still riding high.

The Missing Links: The Most Ridiculous Big Ticket Gift Ever

Colin Patrick

16 404 Pages That Are Worth the Error

Miss Cellania

The Original "Nightmare Before Christmas" Poem

Chris Higgins

The Fiery History of Scandinavia's Yule Goat

Mark Mancini

In Gävle, Sweden, nothing says “Christmas” like the sight of a four-ton straw goat overlooking the town square. Too bad some jerk usually comes along and lights it on fire.

Brain Game: Liverpudlians II

Sandy Wood

All the Presidents' Menus: What First Families Eat on Christmas

Adrienne Crezo

People are strangely fascinated by what other people eat, and even more so when that other person is the president. Here are 10 Christmas dinner menus from presidents past and present.

10 Important Facts About A Christmas Story's Leg Lamp

Erika Wolf

As A Christmas Story has grown in popularity, so has one of its most recognizable props: the leg lamp, that glowing gam otherwise known as “A Major Award.”

What’s the Difference Between a Mammoth and a Mastodon?

Mark Mancini

They might look alike, but these hairy giants were actually very different creatures.

Why Do Certain Regions Create Spectacular Wines?

A lot goes into making a delicious wine.

You Can Ride the Subway for Free if You Just Do Some Squats

Lucas Reilly

To whip up Olympic cheer and promote physical fitness, Moscow officials installed a subway ticket machine at Vystavochnaya station that doubles as a personal trainer. The scheme?

39 Dishes from the First Christmas Menu, Published in 1660

Joy Lanzendorfer

If the thought of planning Christmas dinner makes you nervous, be glad you weren’t born in the Renaissance.

The Missing Links: What Your Brain Thinks of Comic Strips

Colin Patrick