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Peanut Butter Glows in the Dark

Kate Horowitz

See for yourself!

8 Mysterious Facts About 'Ghostwriter'

Andrew LaSane

This mid-1990s kids' crime show was once called the "most ambitious educational project since 'Sesame Street.'"

Why Is There An ‘R’ in Mrs.?

Arika Okrent

Morning Cup of Links: Horrifying Halloween Makeup

Miss Cellania

Great links for your edification and enjoyment!

This 11-Year-Old Can Boost Your Password Game For Just $2

Caitlin Schneider

You can do better than your cat's name and the year you were born.

11 Fun Facts About Internet Superstar Marnie the Dog

Kate Horowitz

The dog/author’s fans include Taylor Swift, Larry King, and millions of others.

Watch Salvador Dalí’s Surreal 1957 Game Show Appearance

Anna Green

Dalí nearly stumped panelists on the U.S. television game show.

Watch This Gamer Test a Real Life 'Assassin's Creed' Rope Launcher

Andrew LaSane

Don't try this at home.

How to Efficiently Peel Potatoes

Rebecca OConnell

It's so simple, but so genius.

Ghosts Might Attend These 7 Supposedly Haunted Colleges and Universities

Maggie Malach

These ghosts never graduated.

9 Everyday Words You Didn’t Know Could Mean BS

Mark Peters

Some common words that usually don’t have a whiff of tommyrot are also in the BS lexicon.

This U.K. Restaurant Plans to Dish Out Insects

Kirstin Fawcett

Founders Sarah Beynon and Andy Holcroft hope to "normalize" the practice of eating bugs.

5 Questions: Scary Movie

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Backwards navigation:Forbidden

What 4 New Snowclones Like 'X-ers Gonna X' Have in Common

Gretchen McCulloch

How is language evolving on the internet? In this series on internet linguistics, Gretchen McCulloch breaks down the latest innovations in online communication.

Infants Don’t Really Understand Tickling

Shaunacy Ferro

A recent study finds 4-month-old babies don’t connect the tactile sensations they feel to the person or thing doing the touching.