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Watch Bill Nye Explain Dreams Using Emojis

Anna Green

In just under two minutes, Nye uses emojis to explain the science of sleep.

Designer Makes Balloon Furniture You Can Actually Sit On

Anna Green

Seungjin Yang makes vibrant, playful furniture out of real party balloons.

8 Christmas Song Parodies to Sing This Holiday

Miss Cellania

Give regular Christmas carols a break and sing these parodies instead.

Watch Over 28,000 Stuffed Animals Bombard an Ice Hockey Game

Michele Debczak

The annual "Teddy Toss" is a Calgary Hitmen tradition.

Watch an Astronaut's Dream Come to Life

Kate Horowitz

Watch astronaut Helen Sharman’s space exploration dream come to life in this lovely animated video from the UK’s Royal Institution.

Ant Colonies Earn Their 'Superorganism' Reputation

Matt Soniak

A new study shows that ant colonies act like “a single organism would in response to attacks on different parts of its body.”

12 Timely Facts About 'High Noon'

Eric D Snider

One of the greatest Westerns of the 1950s has very little action (unless you count the off-screen affairs).

Melting Glaciers in Italy Reveal a Shocking Surprise: Century-Old Corpses

Stacy Conradt

Melting glaciers in Italy are revealing something straight out of a horror movie: the preserved, remainds of soldiers from WWI.

How to Pick the Right Weather App, Website, or Software for You

Dennis Mersereau

It’s easy to forget that there was a time in the not-too-distant past when we only had one or two ways to check the weather forecast.

You Can Now Major in 'Pizza Hut' at a British University

Kirstin Fawcett

The fast food chain teamed up with Manchester Metropolitan University to create a five-year apprenticeship program.

Newly Discovered Visual Sensors Aid Sperm’s Movement

Jordan Rosenfeld

5 Pioneering Facts About Georges Méliès

Tara Aquino

Happy 154th birthday to the godfather of modern moviemaking.

What Traveling Through LAX Looked Like in the '80s

Shaunacy Ferro

John Brian King's portraits capture the timeless, bleak boredom of airports—and some great early '80s fashion.

Krispy Kreme Turns Delicious Glaze Curtain Into a Scannable Barcode

Andrew LaSane

The chain found a cool way to use technology to give away free donuts.

The Author of this Crazy Chinese 'Star Wars' Comic Never Saw the Films

Rich Barrett

Darth Vader wanted to attack the Kennedy Space Center.