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This Simpsons-Themed Kwik-E-Mart Cake Is the Perfect Tribute

Andrew LaSane

A UK-based bakery has made a fan of the cartoon very happy with this custom cake.

Call Dial-A-Carol and Someone Will Sing You a Holiday Song

Gillian Finklea

The University of Illinois knows that the holidays can be frustrating, and sometimes all you need to hear is a reassuring carol—no matter what time of day.

Name the U.S. States Without the Letter 'E'

Take the quiz!

ASL Version of 'Rudolph' Shows Amazing Storytelling Skills

Arika Okrent

Shaylee has impressed us with her amazing ASL storytelling skills for two years in a row.

The Force is Strong With These Adoptable Pets

Jennifer M Wood

Who knew Chewbacca had a soft spot for Shih Tzus?

Thanks to an Intense Recycling Plan, this Japanese Town Nears 'Zero Waste'

Roma Panganiban

In Kamikatsu, around 2000 residents separate their everyday disposables into 34 distinct categories for recycling.

XPRIZE Launches $7 Million Ocean Discovery Challenge

Kate Horowitz

Teams can sign up today to compete in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE.

What is Movie Snow Made Of?

Anna Green

Ingredients include salt, styrofoam, and corn flakes.

See How NASA and Amateur Astronomers Track Asteroids

Caitlin Schneider

If it's bigger than a football field, astronomers are taking note.

How Advertising Invented 8 Phrases We Use Every Day

These campaigns were good enough to live beyond the world of ad copy.

This 475-Pound Gingerbread House Took 11 Months To Build

Anna Green

White House executive pastry chef Susan Morrison spent almost a year planning and constructing a ginger bread replica of the presidential mansion.

Experience 1964 Winnipeg, Canada With This Vintage Tourism Video

Andrew LaSane

See how the capital of Manitoba has changed over the past 50 years.

Combining Coca-Cola and Molten Lead Creates Some Cool Art

Alvin Ward

Who knew Coca-Cola had so many uses?

11 Brilliant Gifts for the Chocolate Lover in Your Life

April Daley

Take their decadent favorite to a whole new level with this gift ideas.

Morning Cup of Links: The New 'MST3K'

Miss Cellania

A roundup of links just for you.