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This 14-Year-Old Girl Is One of the Best Rock Climbers in the World

Anna Green

Ashima Shiraishi the only woman in the world, and the youngest person of any gender, to climb a rock wall with a difficulty grade of 9a+ (5.15a).

According to Doctors, Being Overweight Offers Health Benefits

Michele Debczak

Most scientists agree that the "obesity paradox" is very real—but that doesn't mean they aren't perplexed by it.

Last 50 Chimps in NIH–Funded Research to Be Freed

Jen Pinkowski

The last 50 chimps used in NIH-funded biomedical research will soon find their way to a sanctuary.

Vampire Bats Regurgitate Meals for Their Friends

Shaunacy Ferro

Female vampire bats are generous to friends who have helped them in the past.

Listen to a Medieval Folk Music Ensemble Play a Metallica Song

Kirstin Fawcett

If you like your metal music with a mandolin, this one's for you.

In Photos: Every Single Object a Person Touches in a Day

Shaunacy Ferro

A new photography book explores daily life by capturing all the objects we come in contact with in 24 hours.

The Time Ben Franklin Casually Invented a Form of Kitesurfing

Nick Greene

The Founding Father's other kite invention was extreme in its own right.

14 Fascinating Facts about El Niño

Mark Mancini

We're currently in the midst of the biggest El Niño on record.

The Missing Links: Happy TED Talks

Colin Patrick

How San Francisco Is Using Lasers as an Urban Planning Tool

Michele Debczak

Market Street is about to get showered with millions of lasers.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Pays Homage to Abe Lincoln, the Science Guy

Kate Horowitz

Neil deGrasse Tyson reflects on Lincoln’s contributions to science in a speech commemorating the Gettysburg Address.

Facebook Will Now Offer to Untag You From All Those Pictures With Your Ex

Shaunacy Ferro

Facebook has introduced new tools for changing your social media experience after a relationship goes south.

15 Cool and Unusual Scarves to Keep You Warm

Rebecca OConnell

It's officially scarf weather so it's time to bundle up!

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Reliving the Horror of Magic Potty Baby

Jake Rossen

How the urinating doll industry went too far.