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From the Smart Shopping Team...

50 Bizarre Passages from Medieval Europe’s Bestselling Travel Book

Lucas Reilly

We read Sir John Mandeville’s whimsical travel guide so you don’t have to. (There be dragons.)

12 Wild Facts About ‘The Jerry Springer Show’

Garin Pirnia

In 25 years on television, Jerry Springer has taped more than 4000 episodes, welcomed more than 35,000 guests, and witnessed some of TV's most infamous fistfights.

Lesser-Known Weapons of World War II

Austin Thompson

People from all walks of life—dentists, psychologists, journalists, and more—came together to come up with some crazy, unorthodox, and sometimes wildly successful weapons to win the war.

Inside London's Annual Clown-Themed Church Service

Kirstin Fawcett

The annual event pays homage to Joseph Grimaldi, the father of modern-day clowning.

6 Ways Aircraft Changed the Course of the Vietnam War

Kelly Marages

Aviation technology drove the Vietnam War.

Need Some New Shirts? BustedTees is Now Half Off

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Morning Cup of Links: Stuff in Space

Miss Cellania

Here, have some wonderful links!

The True Story Behind Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum

Mental Floss Studios

Wax sculptor Marie Tussaud's history is just as gruesome as the Chamber of Horrors in her London wax museum.

Introducing The Beast, a 839-Foot Inflatable Obstacle Course for Adults

Kirstin Fawcett

Just think of it as the upgraded bounce house of your childhood dreams.

24 Surprising Facts About 'Love Actually'

Kristy Puchko

2. Four plot lines were cut from the film.

5 Questions: It's Yiddish to Me

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Drivers in Iceland are Being Pulled Over for Being Distracted by the Northern Lights

Shaunacy Ferro

Distracted driving is still dangerous, even if the view is great.

Surprising Viking Boat Burial Found in Scotland

Megan Gannon

Such ships have previously been unearthed across Scandinavia, but recently, archaeologists report the first discovery of a rich Viking boat burial on the UK mainland.

15 Gripping Facts About Galileo

Dan Falk

2. Galileo probably never dropped anything off the Tower of Pisa.