Crowdfunding the USS Enterprise

Crowdfunding the USS Enterprise

Miss Cellania

9 Extinct Big Birds

Miss Cellania

9 Extinct Big Birds

Star Trek for Beginners

Star Trek for Beginners


The Stories Behind 10 Johnny Cash Songs

Stacy Conradt

Here's what the Man in Black was singing about.

Beautiful Bowling Balls Dance in Waves

Chris Higgins

How Rainbow Rowell Went From Newspaper Reporter to Superstar Novelist

the mag Jen Doll

A friend asked me, “What are you writing for yourself?” I realized I’d never written anything just for myself.

Why Are Baseball Seasons 162 Games Long?

Hannah Keyser

This week, Major League Baseball released the schedule for the 2015 season.

11 Successful Products Originally Invented for Something Else

Hannah Keyser Haley Sweetland Edwards

Although some of these are sort of cringe-inducing in their original applications, they found new life—and commercial popularity—in unintended ways.

A Levitating Toy Train

Chris Higgins

How Crossword Puzzles Are Made

Matt Gaffney

Last week, we published an item on how crossword puzzles are made. As many, many readers pointed out, we didn't have our facts straight. You deserve better!

The Missing Links: How to Make A Meal Happy

Colin Patrick

14 Unusual Coloring Books for Adults

Rebecca OConnell

Like slumber parties, whipped cream, and juice boxes, coloring books aren't just for kids anymore.

The Most Interesting Comics of the Week — SPX 2014 Edition

Rich Barrett

This week I take a look at some interesting comics that will be debuting at the Small Press Expo this weekend.

Lou Hoover: A Lady of Firsts

the mag Sarah Laskow

The wife of the president was just that—until a gun-toting geologist named Lou Hoover moved into the East Wing.

Brain Game: Sound and Smell

Sandy Wood

11 Ready-to-Digest Tidbits About the TV Dinner

Erika Wolf

11 of the Most Innovative Portrait Artists Working Today

Amanda Green

Hug a Tree—They Help Keep You Healthy

Meghan Holohan

Nebraskan Julius Sterling Morton believed that planting trees could save America, and he convinced the state to celebrate Arbor Day in April 1872.