Dietribes: Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Allison Keene

• First things first: when did this tradition with the bunny start? Most of the candy imagery we're familiar with today - rabbits, ducks, chicks, etc.

Brain Game: Fare Thee Well

Wednesday Wordplay has arrived, and it's more than happy to be here.

Morning Cup of Links: Wait just a Warhol...

Miss Cellania

A report on Gabriella Giffords' recovery.

The Quick Nine: Nine Food Trucks

Stacy Conradt

Like the ice cream trucks of yesteryear (I hear they're still around, but not in my neighborhood), food trucks roam around cities bringing delicious goodness right to people.

The Late Movies: Harvard Class Day Speakers

Erica Palan

In 1968, the Senior Class Committee at Harvard University began inviting its own speaker to Class Day.

Everywhere a Sign: Roadway Signage Explained

Kara Kovalchik

Whether on a road trip or the daily commute, we’re all constantly confronted with a barrage of signs.

How to Tweet Without Really Trying

Chris Higgins

The site That can be my next tweet analyzes your previous Twitter activity (assuming your account is public) and gives you back a "next tweet." The site appears to be using a Markov chain p

How Are Q Scores Calculated?

Ethan Trex

When celebrities go off the deep end, we’ll hear folks say they've “damaged their Q rating.” What does that really mean? What is a Q Score in the first place?

Comedians as Superheroes

Colin Patrick

As a self-professed comedy nerd I treat my favorite humorists with the reverence typically reserved for superheroes.

The Lion of Gripsholm Castle

Miss Cellania

Swedish blogger Ulrika Good posted a story about a king and his lion that captured the internet, and turned a Swedish meme into an international sensation.

Brain Game: Lighten Up

Here's a Tuesday Test Time to occupy a bit of your time.

The World's Largest Indoor Photo: 360-degree Library Porn

Ransom Riggs

Bibliophiles rejoice!

Morning Cup of Links: Human Space Flight

Miss Cellania

Fifty years ago today, the first human being was launched into space. A new movie named First Orbit will premiere today on YouTube to honor the occasion.

The Quick 10: Boston Marathon Facts

Stacy Conradt

I'm out again next week, and once again, the lovely Adrienne Crezo will be keeping you entertained and educated.

What's Soderbergh Watching?

Chris Higgins

Public radio show Studio 360 recently spoke to Steven Soderbergh about what he reads, watches, paints, and directs. The result is this PDF showing what he did in 2010 and 2011 through late March.