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Why Does a Word Sometimes Lose All Meaning?

Zachary Petit

Over the years, this mental literary fail has gone by many names: work decrement, extinction, reminiscence, verbal transformation.

28 Interesting Facts About Inventors

In this episode of mental_floss' List Show, John Green reveals a few things you probably didn't know about Tesla, Nobel, and more.

This Algorithm Might Predict the Box Office Success of a Movie Based on Its Screenplay

Anna Green

ScriptBook will analyze screenplays' characters, plots, and dialogue, and predict how much money they'll make.

Take Handheld Gaming to the Next Level With These Miniature Arcade Machines

Michele Debczak

This functional arcade cabinet fits in the palm of your hand.

Word Origins Hiding in Plain Sight

Sean ONeill Arika Okrent

Sometimes the etymology of a word is right in front of us, and we don't even see it.

Rare European Dung Beetle Found Living in Cow Poop

Kate Horowitz

Aphodius affinis beetles inhabit cow pies on the island of Jersey.

What Do the Ink Stamps On Your Mail Mean?

Nick Keppler

The “information-based indicia” that ensure your holiday cards are delivered on time.

Japan Now Has Chocolate in Sliced Form

Michele Debczak

The possibilities are endless.

See the World in a New (Depressing) Way With 'Sad Topographies'

Caitlin Schneider

Some of the most lovely places on earth have some really forlorn names.

Be Han Solo With Google Street View's Millennium Falcon POV

Andrew LaSane

Explore popular landmarks around the world in one of three Star Wars vehicles.

Test Your Christmas Smarts With This Difficult Pop Culture Quiz

Rebecca OConnell

Can you guess all the holiday characters?

7 Second Lives for Converted Mental Hospitals

Esther Bergdahl

New uses for old asylums, including museums, arts centers, and a luxury hotel.

Watch Sicily's Mount Etna Erupt in This Timelapse Video

Kirstin Fawcett

Last week, the active volcano exploded after two years of dormancy.

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Slacktivists Aren’t Completely Useless, Study Argues

Shaunacy Ferro

Participating in social movements exclusively online helps spread the message, even if you don’t actually attend any of the protests.