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Morning Cup of Links
Mental Floss @mental_floss

The famous Aaron Burr “Got Milk?” ad from 1993 was directed by Michael Bay.

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Mental Floss @mental_floss

From a Superdome press release early Sunday: "Defying the odds, the 37-year-old building has entered a new 'Golden Age.'"

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12 Frosty Facts About Snowmen

Jake Rossen

One of Michelangelo's first commissions was a snowman.

Artist Transforms House Into A Giant Gingerbread House

5 Questions: "Gee"se a-Laying

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11 Better Gifts for Outdoorsy Types

Need a breath of fresh air? Resolve to get out more next year, and add these 11 outdoorsy gifts to your list.

Designer Builds a Full-Size, 3D-Printed BB-8

Rudie Obias

It took 900 hours to bring the loveable little ball droid to life.

San Francisco Might Get a Bridge With Glowing-Eyed Cat Sculptures

Michele Debczak

“Catbridge” is one of three finalists being considered for inclusion in the Moscone Expansion Project.

Take a Look at Tokyo's Beautiful Disaster Preparedness Guide

Rebecca OConnell

Tokyo wants its citizens to be prepared for anything.

Pet Bird Adopts Store-Bought Egg That Actually Hatches

Rebecca OConnell

This budgie knew what it was doing when it started taking care of an egg from the supermarket.

17 Facts About 'Kindergarten Cop' For Its 25th Anniversary

Roger Cormier

No, it's not a tumor.

10 Props That Appear in Multiple Movies

Anna Green

Props appear so briefly, or in such different contexts, that it can be difficult for even the sharpest-eyed viewers to spot them. Which is probably what makes them so easy to recycle.

25 Picturesque Facts About Montana

Shaunacy Ferro

It’s first in the nation in cat longevity.

The Missing Links: The Simpsons Predicted The Force Awakens Mania

Colin Patrick

Why a Maryland Cemetery Initially Rejected F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Corpse

Suzanne Raga

The famed writer died 75 years ago today, but at the time of his death, the Catholic church that housed his family's burial plots wouldn't allow Fitzgerald to be buried there.

This Floating Trashcan Helps Prevent Ocean Pollution

Kirstin Fawcett

Preventing ocean trash before it reaches the ocean.

In the '80s, Yelling 'Pow!' At Your TV Screen Could Win You a Happy Meal

Anna Green

'TV Powww!' was the '80s TV show that mixed video games, prizes, and live television.