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These Former TSA Dogs Are Looking for Forever Homes

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The federal agency is seeking permanent homes for its former explosives detection canines.

Caterpillars Get Infection-Fighting Genes From Parasitic Wasps

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The next butterfly you see flitting about might just be a genetically modified organism, given genes from a virus that protects it from other viruses.

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15 Fun Facts About 'Monty Python's The Meaning of Life'

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Photographer Captures Otherworldly Images Inspired by UFO Sightings

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For her project, Maria Lax interviewed a dozen people who reported UFOs in the '60s and '70s.

Translation Error Announces "Clitoris Festival" in Spain

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The world of automatic translation is a complex, strange, and wondrous place. Be careful out there.

See Saturn's Moon Enceladus From Just 30 Miles Up

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While you were trick or treating, Cassini was sending to Earth images from the October 28 flyby of the Saturn moon Enceladus.

15 Videos About Life on the International Space Station

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The Top 20 Most Addictive Foods, According to Study

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The Missing Links: The Reason Humans Can't Draw A Perfect Circle

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Finish These 1999 Movie Titles

Take the quiz!

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The 18-Year-Old College Student Who’s Allergic to Water

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Alexandra Allen was 12 when she first had an allergic reaction to water.