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11 Famous Mermaids and their Creators

Meg Boeni

The stories behind sirens by Hans Christian Andersen and Howard Pyle, Joyce Ballantyne’s scandalous April Fool’s Day magazine cover, and even the not-so-seductive fishwoman of the Starbucks logo.

11 Fashions the Kids Were Wearing Back in 1993

Jennifer M Wood

From flannel shirts to second-skin dresses, pop culture (still) set the fashion trends two decades ago.

The Missing Links: The Things That Keep You Alive

Colin Patrick

11 Literary Fart Jokes

Mark Mancini

Throughout history, the chance to make an occasional fart joke has often proven irresistible, even to such influential authors as Aristophanes, Shakespeare, and Mark Twain.

11 Things We Know About the Dodo

Erin McCarthy

The first thing one must accept when trying to learn about the Dodo is that we’ll probably never know that much the flightless bird.

Why These 11 Bands Wear Masks

Rudie Obias

If you’re the type of artist that cares more about the art than the money and fame, then hiding your identity is the best way to keep your audience’s attention on the art rather than the superficial.

11 Playground Essentials They Don't Make Like They Used To

Kara Kovalchik

If you remember proudly displaying your stitches or plaster cast as a badge of honor after suffering a fall from the monkey bars, then you may also remember playing on some of this other equipment tha

Wednesday is New Comics Day

Rich Barrett

Every Wednesday, I highlight the five most exciting comic releases of the week. The list may include comic books, graphic novels, digital comics and webcomics.

11 Things You Might Not Know About Lipstick

Erika Wolf

This year marks the 90th anniversary of one of the world’s most popular cosmetics: The swivel-tube lipstick.

11 Common Words With Very Specific Meanings on Food Labels

Arika Okrent

Sometimes regular English words—words that have commonsense but slightly fuzzy meanings—must be defined more precisely for food labeling.

48 Things You Didn't Know Had Names

Jason English

So that's what you call it!

3 Insanely Important Crops You've Never Heard Of

Chris Higgins

How to Fly a Hot Air Balloon

If you want to pick up a really interesting hobby – and a certification along the way – here’s how to get the best view of the local landscape.

Morning Cup of Links: World Response to 9/11

Miss Cellania

11 Clearly Awesome Things

Amanda Green

Transparent gear? We see right through that gimmick ... and we like it.