Morning Cup of Links: Spelling and Grammar Puns

Miss Cellania

Why is English Spelling So Messed Up?

Arika Okrent

If you're a kid learning how to write, English spelling can seem like a cruel prank.

At the Libraries: Peep This!

Miss Kathleen

10 Things to Remember About Annette Funicello

Stacy Conradt

The Late Movies: Barbara Walters' Best Interviews

Erica Palan

The Letter Bill Clinton Wrote Chris Webber in 1993

Jason English

Rama-O-Rama: A Guide to 5 Visual Extravaganzas!

Rob Lammle

Before motion pictures, there were many ways for people to experience something they had never seen before.

What Do Kirsten Dunst and Scott Disick Have in Common?

Stacy Conradt

Even though Kirsten Dunst shot to fame as a 12-year-old by playing a child vampire (and also one of the the most badass board game players ever), she actually entered pop culture history as a mere tod

25 Things Turning 25 This Year

Chris Higgins Adrienne Crezo

If you're turning 25 this year, good news—you can now rent a car in the US without paying a weird fee <i>and</i> you're as old as the California Raisins.

The Missing Links: The Woman Who Ate Hitler's Food

Colin Patrick

A Lonely Whale’s Unrequited Love Song

Roma Panganiban

Somewhere deep within the waters of the North Pacific, a whale wanders alone.

8 Things To Know About Pablo Picasso

Amanda Green

April 8 is the 40th anniversary of Picasso's death. Celebrate the art legend with these eight facts.

The Latte Portrait Artist

Chris Higgins

Kim Jong-un's Less Responsible, Disney-Obsessed Older Brother

David W Brown

In 2001 a different Kim was in line for the throne: Kim Jong-nam. But then he tried to visit Tokyo Disneyland...

8 Real Places That Inspired Superhero Headquarters and Landmarks

Rick Marshall

Superheroes are everywhere you look these days—and if you're in the right city, the same can be said for their favorite meeting spots.