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The Great Gatsby was published on this date in 1925. Other titles considered: Trimalchio in West Egg and Among Ash-Heaps and Millionaires.

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19 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of IKEA Employees

Jessica Hullinger

The real reasons you always leave with twice the number of items you came in for.

The Missing Links: Football in the Future

Colin Patrick

Scientists Find Ulcer-Causing Bacteria in Ötzi the Ice Man

Kate Horowitz

Researchers defrosted the ice mummy, took a sample of stomach tissue, and sequenced his gut microbiome.

Scientists Discover Sand Tiger Shark Nursery Off Long Island Shore

Kirstin Fawcett

They hope that additional research might help protect the threatened species.

Watch This Slow Motion Video of What Happens When You Gargle

Andrew LaSane

Fascinatingly gross.

7 Presidential Facts about Herbert Hoover

Benjamin Lampkin

Here are a few things worth knowing about the 31st President, Herbert Hoover.

How Starter Jackets Came Unraveled

Jake Rossen

In the 1990s, people would kill for a Starter jacket. What went wrong?

9 Dishes An Egg Can Really Elevate

Jeff Wells

The egg is even more versatile than we thought, adding protein and a little culinary oomph to a variety of unexpected dishes.

The Case of the Monkey Selfie: Animals Can't Own Copyrights, Judge Rules

Rebecca OConnell

Who owns the copyright for the famous selfies taken by a monkey in 2011? Not the monkey.

8 Bunk Beds That Are (Almost) Too Cool to Sleep In

Andrew LaSane

These custom designs are guaranteed to make bedtime way more exciting.

Pre-Viking Village Discovered Beneath Norwegian Airport Site

Michele Debczak

The excavation turned up several trash piles filled with ancient goodies.

Plants Fart in the Face of Danger

Kate Horowitz

When threatened, the roots of Mimosa pudica plants deploy fart-like stink bombs.

13 Sizzling Facts About 'Some Like It Hot'

Dante A Ciampaglia

Billy Wilder’s Oscar-winning film cut against the cultural grain so sharply that it’s a miracle it got made at all.

What is CTE?

Jordan Rosenfeld

In the 1920s, the condition was given its own boxer-related name: dementia pugilistica.

This Orchid Emits 'B.O.' to Attract Mosquitoes

Michele Debczak

The scent produced by this orchid is oddly familiar.