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Why Ulysses S. Grant's Wife Always Posed in Profile

Stacy Conradt

After a sweet plea from her husband not to change her looks, the First Lady was careful about how she presented herself in pictures.

This Group Is Saving Public Domain Books from Boring Covers

Kirstin Fawcett

A crowdsourced effort is giving the classics a much-needed makeover.

8 Lovely Facts About 'The Secret Garden'

Joy Lanzendorfer

The writer found a hidden garden in just the way that her novel's protagonist did.

Gorgeous Stitched Paintings Depict Environmental Destruction

Kate Horowitz

Linda Gass’s beautiful textile art draws viewers in, then forces them to confront difficult truths about our relationship with the natural world.

LEGO Debuts Its First Minifig in a Wheelchair

Rebecca OConnell

LEGO responded to criticism about a lack of diversity.

You Can Now Bid on Orville Wright’s Patent Documents for the Invention of the Airplane

Shaunacy Ferro

Several documents by the pioneer aviator are up for sale.

A Fashionable, Comfy Flotation Device You'll Actually Want to Wear

Shaunacy Ferro

Because life jackets can't work if you don't want to wear them.

10 Things You Might Not Know About the Sundance Film Festival

Tara Aquino

Robert Redford’s famed film fête wasn’t founded by Robert Redford.

Why Can Parrots Talk?

Anna Green

Parrots can learn how to say hundreds of words—and even know what some of them mean.

Watch This Cable Get Forged Into a Knife

Andrew LaSane

It turns out you can make a knife from just about any metal object.

Hear the Pop Song "Pompeii" Sung in the Language of Pompeii

Arika Okrent

The song “Pompeii” by Bastille inspired a host of cover artists on YouTube who posted everything from a cappella covers to Mad Men style covers to cup song covers.

The Missing Links: Awesome Backyard Sledding Luge

Colin Patrick

You Will Soon Be Able to Use Your Phone to Withdraw Money from ATMs

Rudie Obias

Banking is about to get even easier.

100 Classic Atari Games Are Being Released for PC

Michele Debczak

Dubbed Atari Vault, the bundle includes some of the company’s most beloved titles like Asteroids, Tempest, Warlords, and Centipede.

There's Now an A.I. That Can Write Political Speeches

Anna Green

So easy, a robot can do it.