15 Suspicious Packages That Were Definitely Not Explosives

Danny Groner

Reports of suspicious packages are common across the United States. Police take all reports seriously — as they should — and they look into every unmanned briefcase or wayward box.

Watch "The Naked Writer" Write, Live (But Not in the Nude)

Chris Higgins

Most of us who write for a living recoil at the thought of other people (outsiders!) watching us write, live, as it happens -- the masses would see not only our terrible typers typos, but also have a

9 Things You Can Do Underwater

Miss Cellania

If you can do it on land, someone will find a way to do it underwater. And then they'll find a way to get others to do it, too! 1. Listen to

Music History #8: "New York Mining Disaster 1941"

Bill DeMain

“New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Have You Seen My Wife, Mr. Jones)” Written by Barry and Robin Gibb (1967) Performed by Bee

Brain Game: Lunar Bender

Today's Brain Game Think Thursday challenge offers the scrambled names of three hit motion pictures. Unscramble the anagrams to find the names of the movies.

Morning Cup of Links: Classic Cat Moves

Miss Cellania

The College Collections Specialist Who Sympathizes With Poor Students.

11 Cakes Inspired by Comic Books

Jill Harness

Last month we brought you cakes inspired by famous painters, so this time around, let's look at cakes based on a more contemporary art style: comic books. 1. Spider-Man

The 5 Other U.S. Ambassadors Killed by Terrorists

Scott Allen

According to the State Department Office of the Historian, five U.S. ambassadors had been killed in the line of duty by terrorists prior to the killings of U.S. Ambassador to Libya J.

The Late Movies: Happy Birthday, Ben Folds!

Chris Higgins

Today Ben Folds celebrates his 46th birthday, and we rock along with him.

What Does a U.S. Ambassador Do?

Kara Kovalchik

Christopher Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, was killed last night along with three other Americans when an Islamist mob stormed the American Consulate in Benghazi.

The Creepiest Spider Videos You'll Ever See

Chris Higgins

If you're even slightly arachnophobic, stop reading right now. Wait, you're still reading this? Okay, fine, let's chat.

The Missing Links: Growing Soccer Balls in a Lab

Colin Patrick

Tom Hanks Clearly Loved Michael Clarke Duncan And this story he told at Duncan's memorial makes them both even more likable. * Mad Science: They’re Growing Soccer Balls From Pig Bladde

Why Does Your Stomach Growl?

Matt Soniak

The growlings in your gut are known as borborygmi among people who like to use technical terms, a cool little word we picked up from the Greek borboryzein ("to

5 Remarkable Things Discovered Under Parking Lots

David W Brown

There’s more to the common parking lot than broken beer bottles and fender benders from that guy who was texting.

Brain Game: Raking Bad

Autumn is on the horizon, so here's a related word ladder puzzle for today's Brain Game Wednesday Wordplay challenge: By changing one letter in each step to form English w